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What is SVT? symptoms? treatment?
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What is SVT? symptoms? treatment?

What is SVT? What are the symptoms . . I saw someone wrote on here that their
heart races in the morning and then again throughout the day and they were diagnosed
w/ svt? . . What are the symptoms? . . .And what is the treatment? I have
the same thing but can't seem to get the right beta blocker/calcium channel blocker.
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Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is an abnormal fast heart rhythm that starts in the upper chambers, or the atria, of the heart.

With SVT, you may have palpitations, an uncomfortable feeling that your heart is racing or pounding. You may also notice that your pulse is rapid or see or feel your pulse pounding, especially at your neck, where large arteries are close to the skin. Other symptoms include include feeling dizzy or lightheaded, near-fainting or fainting (syncope), shortness of breath, chest pain, throat tightness, and sweating.

Have you worn a holter or had an event monitor? What medication are you currently taking? Has your Dr mentioned an EP Study? Catheter ablation is the curative approach to SVT, this is usually done during an electrophysiology (EP) study. The most common type of catheter ablation uses radio waves (radiofrequency energy). These waves are directed through the catheter to the specific heart tissue that is generating abnormal electrical impulses. The radio waves cause the area of the heart muscle to be heated and selectively destroyed, eliminating the SVT. The success rate to having an ablation for SVT is about 98-99%.
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I had a 24 holter monitor test done about a month ago. Nothing showed up.
Does that mean I don't have SVT?
I've had tacychardia and palpitations for 23 + years.(I took nothing for it until 2 years ago) I just started taking
toprol XL 2 years ago. I'm now 46. I have an appt w/a cardiologist on the 23rd.
I do have a small tumor on my adrenal gland. my doc thought that was the problem
but the endocrinologist I went to said the tumor is "nonfunctioning" and he said
it was just a "nodule" . I dont' agree with him, getting a second opinion becuse
he did a clonodine suppression test on me and I did research and was also told
it's outdated and not reliable. Endo said tumor is not causing the "in the middle of the nite heart racing
spells". He gave me cardene my heart went nuts , I had a Dale Earnhart
heart for 24 hours striaght . I threw the cardene away and never
want to see him again. my reg doc switched me to verapamil 180mg and
my heart is still racing all the time but not as bad as if I wasn't taking
any meds, but it's beating too fast. Doc's keep giving me meds for high BP
I have LOW BP. How difficult is it to give someone a med for tacychardia
but has low BP? I'm frustrated. The thing that's out of the ordinary is
in the last year I've acquired what appeared to be hypoglycemia.  .heart racing, sweating, trembling
no chest pain, no shortness of breathe and no dizziness. Is the cardiologist
going to be able to get me on the right med?
I'm new to all this. hours after I drink beer , it's like a nighmare when
i wake up, my heart races for an hour at least. not norrmal.
When I was on the toprol I could drink however much I want and I wake
up, . . . nothing. . .
Does any of this make sense?
thanks,, sorry it's so long  . It could be hypoglycemic attacks or POTS,
dunno. . .
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just want to put in answer in realation to the 24hr monitor ,sometimes these do not show up svt unless u had an episode.u have listed a few things above that will cause palps on their own ,low blood sugar ,adrenal glands probs etc and maybe an event monitor would be better here and u could list the symptoms as u press to record.i had a little bit of difficultly getting mine sorted out as well {svt}-i tried a lot of beta-blockers and find now i can only take low dose  inderal without my bp crashing ,i would defo get a second opinion on the adrenal gland as this will set off the heart even most are benign.
if u are suffering hypoglycemic attacks do u feel better if u drink/eat some fast sugars? have they checked your thyroid as well?
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Thanks for replying. Is Tacyachardia a definition for palpitations or rapid heart
rate or both? Is the Inderal for heart racing? or for palpitations? .BP? . Does
the inderal keep your heart rate down but keeps your BP normal? Why didn't
the beta blockers work for you?
Yes, I have hypothyroidism (diagnosed w/ it 2 years ago, how long I had it
is beyond me before they discovered it) I've been on levothyroxine for 2 years
and it made me feel 90% better as far as fatigue, but I've had recent blood work for the thyroid and the meds I'm on and they are
working perfect and that's not causing any problems. I don't know if
I have hypoglycemia, one doc told me yes, the other (2nd opinion) told
me NO. He said you only get hypoglycemic if you're diabetic. I'm not diabetic.
To answer your other question, when I woke up in the middle of the nite
with major heart racing spells, (thinking i had hypoglycemia)
I took glucose tablets, a glucose drink that works fast , but
It might have just been a bad case of orthostatic hypotension or a case
of POTS. but actually the FIRST thing I did was breathe through
a paperbag (like you would if you had a panic attack) and that
would help. so I can't say if the glucose tablets, glucose drink,
or breathing in the paperbag that  helped.  I 've had panic attacks
years ago, I take xanax 4 times a day for another medical problem
I don't get them when I'm on xanax so I KNOW it's not panic attacks.
I also bought a glucose meter (someone suggested this) and
I checked my blood sugar levels with these attacks and my blood
sugar was not low. BUT, toprol XL  "intereferes" with low
blood sugar symptoms, so I haven't had any attacks in the middle
of the nite since I've been on verapamil 180. (switched a week ago). . My heart races
all day long with verapamil. I'ts not doing a dang thing to slow my
heart down, (unless I'm laying down , takes about 30 minutes
for my heart to slow down) I have to climb stairs to get into
bedroom and after I eat , over the last year I noticed that
my heart races out of control after eating.
That's why I'm getting a second endo opinion. The first endo I went
to discovered that my plasma metanephrine levels were elevated. DAH! that will
cause adrenalin problems !!!!!!!!!
He wasn't happy with THAT evidence, so he made me
do the clonodine suppression test which I researched and
found out it's not reliable and outdated. I passed that stupid clonidine test
which i don't have a rat's a** what the test is supposed to do, but he
said the outcome results of the test were that the adrenal tumor I have
is NOT causing the problems. HE's not even calling it a tumor , he says
it's a "nodule" the cat scan I had says its a phemomycotoma (which
is an Adrenal gland tumor)
I think I'm going to ask my doc to switch me to a lower dose of toprol 25mg
like I did 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't have any problems with my heart racing
until a year ago, he upped the toprol XL to 50 mg and then upped it
again 9 months later to 50m twice a day. My new PCP thinks that
the toprol is causing the problem. when I went back to toprol 50mg ONCE
a day, I didn't have the middle of the nite racing spells, drinking beer or no
beer. I suspect that it's either my system can't handle toprolXL 50mg twice
a day or the adrenal tumor is the problem.
This is extremely exhausting .   I've had another medical problem for
23 years that I basically had to diagnose myself and get help
on my own, ( no doctor recommended it) i found on the web.
I have damage to my inner ear (disequilibrium 24/7 for 23 years now)
that's beside the point, that has nothing to do with this problem
but my issue/anger????? is that I'm not into trying to diagnose
myself for another zillion years about another medical problem
I feel like ( I ) should be the one in medical school after
all the research I've done and know.
Does that make sense?
Sorry so long
I am an angry person, frustrated and really tired to being
my own doctor!
Make sense!
Thanks for replying, really, means a lot!
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I would ask to have an ultrasound on your thyroid.  All blood tests came back ok on mine but when I was having problems swallowing they did an ultrasound on my throat and found multiple nodules on my thyroid which was causing the choking and multiple other problems.  I knew for years I had a thyroid problem but could get no one to listen because of tests saying it was within "normal" limits!  I hate that sentence!  Good Luck and keep posting.
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