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Why is my BP so low??

I'm a 34 year old female.  In 1995 I had an ablation for SVT with AV node reentry.  I was told that it was successful and the continued palps (skipped beats) I felt would become unnoticed in time.  I continue to have the palps, only more often as the years pass.  I used to notice my skipped beats from time to time.  They are now constant and cause me frequent dizziness as well as loss of breath (when skipped beats are back to back).  I recently had a loop monitor and was told once again, that my skipped beats are nothing to worry about.  

I have been suffering with low BP for a long while now.  My systolic resides in the 70's and 80's.  My distolic can range from 33 to the upper 50's.  I'm constantly dizzy, feeling faint, confused and tired; having blurred vision.  I've managed to keep from completely fainting when I feel I am about to.
A week ago, I failed a tilt table test, only after I took the nitro tablet.  My heart rate skyrocketed in seconds, while my BP plummeted.  The Doc put me on Clonidine, suspecting POTS Syndrome, but took me off it a couple days later due to lower BP readings and a pulse in the upper 40's and low 50's.  He is going to start me on a Beta Blocker, and I am worried it will have the same effect as the Clonidine.

I also suffer from exercise induced tachycardia.  When I start to exercise, in a matter of a couple minutes, my heart rate jumps to over 200.  I then feel chest tightness and pain; pain in the left side of my neck, shoulder and arm; numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers; and dizzyness.  My Doc is concerned with this, but says he currently doesn't have answers.

I do not know if the tachycardia is causing my low BP, or if the skipped beats are too frequent, causing the tachycardia and low BP.  My main concern is, what could be causing my low BP??  I've had nothing show up in my blood work and am generally healthy otherwise.  

After a 1999 Echocardiogram, the initial report was read as small ASD and small perimembranous VSD.  After a meeting with another cardiologist, MY cardiologist decided against the ASD (although he said his partner still believed he saw a small ASD).  He stated there may be a very small, perimembranous ventricular septal defect, although he wasn't positive.  Could any of this be the cause of my low BP, tachycardia, or skipped beats?  
I am no longer with the same cardiologist and recently found the result for the 1999 echo in a stack of my med records.  Should I share this info with my current cardiologist, or is it of no real concern??

I very much welcome any help anyone can give me!!  Thanks!
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