a flutter abaltion
by shiner1971, Jan 10, 2009
had a fib for 8 yrs now fib & flutter.had an aflutter ablation on friday post op hr 70's  next day hr in the 100's is this normal to be that high and continue so soon in a fib?
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by Brooke_38Blank, Jan 10, 2009

You will need to provide a little more information for anyone to suggest any type of opinion.

What is your history in regard to Afib? Is it lone, paroxysmal, chronic? Are you currently taking any type of medication? Your age? Past medical history etc.

Sorry to have questions for your questions...
by shiner1971, Jan 10, 2009
chronic a fib  i go in and out of it but can't tell. i am asymptomatic. have been on coumadin since yr 2000. recently started on flecinide and cardizam after a cardioversion. was still having hr in the 100 at rest. ecg at doc office afib/aflutter then had a flutter ablation
by twinbee, Jan 10, 2009
If you were diagonosed with a-fib and a-flutter, why did they only do the flutter ablation. For 5 years I too had a-fb and a-flutter.  I had my ablation for both the fib and flutter in January 07. Soon it will be my one year anniversary and so far I have had no fib or flutter.