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about mvp syndrome
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about mvp syndrome

first i dont know if i post it in the good place if not than i m sorry for that
my qestion is that i have mvp syndrome sense almost 5 year now and i m taking beta blokkers snes 5 years i dont fly and now i really have to and im really nervous and i dont know if i need to be or is it in just my mind ??lastime i try fly and i almost collapse on the airport so please help meee

thank you so much
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To my understanding there is nothing in MVP or taking beta blockers that would interfere with one engaging in commercial flight.  I have no opinion about flight in private or other non-pressurized flying.

Perhaps you are emotionally upset by the prospect of flying in an airplane.  This is quit common, but I can say as a person with more than 1 million miles of flight distance behind me, flying is very safe.
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