cocaine combined with propranolol
by healthy168, Feb 13, 2008
I know that I shouldn't be using cocaine because it can lead to death. I have been trying to stop but I have had trouble. I'm currently taking 40mg of propranolol twice a day. I originally was taking it for anxiety, but now i feel as though it is good for my drug problem and saves me from having a heart attack. Is this true? Because I feel as though the propranolol slows down my heart rate and makes my pulse lower than it would be if i just did coke. I'm trying to fix my problem but i want to know if the combination of coke and propranolol is dangerous. Please provide me with an answer. All I could get off the net was that one should avoid cocaine while taking propranolol . Is combining propranolol (beta-blocker) with cocaine dangerous and why? I'm a 25 year old male that weighs 185 pounds
PLEASE stop using cocaine.  Yes, cocaine and a beta blocker is very dangerous.  It can contribute to increasing your blood pressure despite keeping your heart rate low.  There is no medication that will make the use of cocaine less dangerous.  I know it is very addictive but you need to get help.  Professional help or at least some form of drug rehab is usually necessary if you can't stop.

I hope this helps.
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by healthy168, Feb 13, 2008
Many people are perscribed propranolol for dealing with cocaine problems. How does it raise my blood pressure but lower my heart rate? That part doesn't make sense to me. I know i should stop and i'm making efforts to stop, however i always thought the propranolol would save my life because it reduces my heart rate.
by LukeL, Feb 13, 2008
It is sort of like a paradoxical reaction when a drug does the exact opposite of what it is suppose to do. I am unsure of the exact reason why, (it has something to do with blocking the beta receptos, why allowing unopposed alpha receptor activity from the cocaine)

To be quite honest cocaine is extermely dangerous as you never know what it was cut with, it can have serious long term health effects (look at the rock stars of the 60s and 70s) and can kill you every time you use it.

You need to find support from family and friends and get yourself into rehab. There are many treatments out there which can help addiction.
Stopping cocaine will save  your life.  The cocaine alone will raise your blood pressure and significantly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.
by anacyde, Feb 17, 2008
One day you will quit cocaine and look back with regret on how much of your life you gave to a substance that is doing you nothing but harm.  I've counseled people with addictions through their recoveries and this is a common theme.  Addictions cause people to rationalize their behavior, to avoid looking at the risks.  I've known a lot of people with eating disorders who would take a bottle of laxative and chase it with gatorade and a banana because they figured that would save their life.  Sadly, many people lose their lives clinging to that false belief.  Your beta blocker idea made me think of that.  As long as you're still alive, you can turn this around.  Please don't wait until it's too late.  Beta blockers might mask the symptoms, but that can actually be more dangerous because you are not as aware of your body's danger signals.  I sincerely wish you the best and hope that you are able to conquer this.  You're so young, you have your whole life ahead of you.  Don't let cocaine steal that away.
by thebean89, Nov 24, 2012
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