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fast heartbeat and fainting spells
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fast heartbeat and fainting spells

hai Doctor,

Im a 26 years old female who has been experiencing a constant irregular heartbeat since a year ago. ive been so tired for Doctors to diagnose me with so called anxiety. I have to admit that im an anxious person but what ive been getting and experience these past months are far more worse than for doctor to diagnose me as anxiety.
and then on January, i went to see a cardiologist in Indonesia whom suspected a hole in my heart, she was actually gonna send me for a clearer check-up but i had to leave to canada.  months later, my symptoms worsens and i went to see a family doctor who did an ECG and sent me for a EKG. my results are both normal but how can one doctor suspected a hole in a heart and another said its normal. and now i feel theres no one to turn to because in order for a doctor to refer me to cardiologist, they first have to find a specific abnormal results.

**when they had the EKG done, my heartrate was 120 because i was too nervous.
my symptoms are CONSTANT fast irregular heartbeat, weak and fading heartbeats when i check on my hand pulse, fainting spells most of the time, a STRANGE vibrating feeling on my left chest, uncontrollable heartbeats, vertigo, exercise intolerance, a sudden body weakness.

my questions are:
- what could be happening with me?
- is it possible for me to get pregnant knowing my situation?
- could the EKG test have gone wrong? ?? which one to believe in
- ive been normal my whole life, why does my heart problems seems to be ruining my life now?
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Wow. Sounds like you are not having fun. I am sorry to hear that. Can you have your cardiologist or doctor do either a 3 day holter test or a 30 day even recorder? This way your heart is  being monitored and when you feel symptoms you can write it down and the time it happened and they can tell you for sure if it is heart related or not. I hope you get better soon. Oh, I believe if you had a hole in your heart it would have shown up on an ultrasound.
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I think the bottom line is the bottom line...and that is that you need to see a heart doc period.....and jennyfi is right...if there were a hole in your heart it no doubt would have been picked up by the echo...do not let this get the best of you...sounds to me like you have just been running around place to place and have not had time to get this fully checked out with a full work up. The other thing is that this is a community site not a doctos site....we are all like you with lots of different experiences both personally and professionally and just basically toss out ideas and support for other members on this site just like you....only a heart doc will really know what is going on with you..and only a heart doc will advise you on the safety of pregnancy...and because you have been normal all your life as with all of us things change...sometimes it may not be what we think it is....the only way to put this to rest and not let it take over your life is to get a full work up done by a specialist....good luck to you tho..............
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