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heaviness in center of chest where breastbones connect
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heaviness in center of chest where breastbones connect

For the past month I've had a heaviness in the center of my chest on a periodic basis there doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to it, and it varies in length and intensity.  I've had a-fib continuously since 1999 I'm 53 yrs. old and never really had any problems with it as I'm taking meds. This past week I became so nervous when it occured one particular day I went to the emergency room. I was admitted for observation, and after having ekg's and blood work for two days. I was discharged. I was told I didn't have any heart attacks and scheduled and had a thallium stress test scheduled for two days later. My stress test came back fine and I was cleared to resume normal activities. However I'm still getting this heaviness in the center of my chest. Any suggestions as to what it might be.
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Did you experience the heaviness during the stress test? I am asking because I have a friend that was experiencing the same symptom and he also had a stress test and blood work the same as you did and it came back normal.

After several weeks and the symptom didn't go away he went back to his doctor and contiued to complain. The doctor gave him another stress test and then it revealed he had blockages that time. Then they did a catherdization and found he had four blocked arteries one was 90% blocked. He ended up having by-pass surgery.

Stress tests don't always pick up the problem. You may have a problem with acid reflux also. Sometimes you won't have pain but the feeling of fullness on your chest with that condition.

I don't want you to get nervous but I thought I should share that information with you.

I hope it turns out to be something minor.
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