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help weird ecg pattern?
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help weird ecg pattern?

suffering tachycardia for 12 years. cardiologist did ecg, transthoracic echo, 24 hours holter, blood test got prescribed beta blocker. the cause unknown. ask the name of the illness he said ist, pac. i own ecg handheld monitor, lately i noticed weird pattern on some results. (usually after QRS, T wave higher and P wave lower. not the other way around) ask the doctor, he said its some  mistakes during recording such as breathing, movement, etc. but i only noticed it lately didnt notice it before and it happen quite often lately. and i guess i record it the usual same way so i find it weird and still thinking about it. this is some ecg result part that i find weird.
when record it i was standing, move a little but for comparisasion this one below was also moving but the pattern i get was usually like this evethough its wobbly.
this one below, when i was awake in bed from sleep, my heart pounding. maybe i was moving a little.
all this ecg result pulse was >100.
i was wondering if its only because the mistakes during recording or some health issues?
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well i hope theres someone or medical practitioner who understand ecg and could post some info. i thought this was posted on "ask a doctor" section. does someone know if we need to pay or not to be able to post there?
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I'm not a doctor but it looks like a lot of artifact either from movement, breathing, poor connection to the skin, etc.
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I'm not a doctor (or healthcare professional) but I have some knowledge in EKG interpretation.

First, you can't diagnose any EKG changes from a one-lead EKG. In best case it can be used to document arrhythmias, but it's completely useless for finding T wave changes, P wave changes, etc.

If you want to diagnose something, go to your doctor and ask for a good old 12 lead.

Your P waves and T waves will vary very much with body position. When standing or lying on left side, your heart is closer to the chest wall. The closer your atrias are to the chest wall (and to the electrodes), the larger your P wave will be. If you get an esophagal EKG, your P wave will look like a QRS complex, and you will also see an "atrial T wave" pointing downwards. Your pictures are fairly inconclusive and I doubt you will get so much help from showing them to doctors. If you'd like to try, you can post in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum ($20 fee) or in the Heart Disease Expert Forum (free, but limited amount of questions answered daily).

Again, if you want an EKG evaluated, ask your doctor for a 12 lead. Use your 1 lead EKG to capture arrhythmias if you notice them. You can't reveal structural heart changes with a 1 lead. Especially not when standing or moving around.
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