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migraine with aura and leaky heart valves.
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migraine with aura and leaky heart valves.

I have searched the internet for links/causes for migraines.
I suffer from arrhythmia but this is controlled with beta blockers. My Aortic heart valve leaks and classified as moderate. There is a connection between the arrhythmia and the valve, but have been progressively getting more migrains with aura over the last 3 years (all dated). I now average 3 per month. could there be a link here? I am one of the fortunate migraine sufferes of little to no pain. A fuzzy head feeling and an energy depletion with the need for sleep are the symptoms. Caffine works a treat to keep the body going when it is not practical to rest. I also have hemochromatosis, cysts on the kidneys and liver and numerous internally fixed broken bones from a flying accident 19 years ago. Any suggested links?

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How do you know about the heart valve leak, a echocardiogram?  When was that last done?  Sorry no answers from me just questions but these questions may help define your condition.

I had a leaky mitral valve, and we watched it for several years because it got progressively loose, resulting in surgery to repair.  That repair was successful, almost 2 years ago.

I would think your cardiologist would have some understanding of any possible relationship between migraines and valve leakage or other heart problems.  Clearly oxygen (via blood/heart/lung) is critical to brain function, and head aches may be caused from a deficiency in oxygen, I guess.  Again, I guess, I do not know this to be the case.
There has long been a known association between cardiovascular issues and migraines -- even though the current trend is to view migraines as primarily "neurological". Patients who have mitral valve prolapse, PFO (patent ovale foramen -- a small hole in the speptum between the chambers in the heart), leaking valves and certain types of arrhythmia, all have higher incidences of migraine with aura. Migraine with aura also runs in families. A certain number of patients who have cardiac catheterizations, catheter ablations and open heart surgery will develop migraine with aura or experience a worsening in symptoms.

I have a leaky mitral and tricuspid valves, WPW arrhythmia, a history of migraine and have one or two with aura per year. However, I recently had a cardiac ablation and post procedurally began having migraine with aura about every other day -- along with moderate headache, visual disturbances, dizziness and tiredness. Fortunately, the frequency now seems to be abating so that I am only having them once a week. I hope they will just keep improving until I am back to "normal" with only one or two a year.

Despite this as a well known phenomena, there really is not much information about it. There is plenty of research into migraine, but no one seems to really understand exactly what the connection of migraine with aura with cardiovascular issues is. There are plenty of theories -- small defects in cardiovascular system might change pressure in vessels in the head or cause micro blood clots that move to the head setting off the auras and headaches, or the cardiovascular anomalies might cause changes in the endocrine systme or neurotransmitters that then affect the vessels in the brain, or the genetics that go along with having these cardiovascular issues might also be the same genes that go along with having migraine with aura.

My best advice would be to work with a really good headache specialist and a really good cardiologist. 3 migraines a month is a lot to suffer through and chances are with all the many, many treatment options out there you will be able to find something that works for you. Good luck and best wishes!
I also use coffee to control my migraine.  It works but needs many cups though.  I find out my migraine was induce by medication or chemical drugs.  

1. When they put dye in for the CT brain, it immediately started my migraine.

2. After they injected the Thallium, migraine started.  The doctor there make me a very strong cup of coffee.  He told me go home drink strong coffee as many as I can.  Then I returned the next day to continue the other part of scan.

3. After took off all the medication, no migraine for a few months.  Then the doctor said I have to take Lipitor.  I start it, the next morning my migraine also started........

I do know that Inderal which is used to control blood pressure, palpitation and it also for migraine headache.  I took Inderal for my wpw when I was teenager so I never suffer for migraine at all.  My mum took Inderal for her blood pressure and palpitation.  She also never suffers for migraine.  

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