palpitations and being sick
by Ihatepalps2, Mar 04, 2008
anybody notice their palpitations increasing if they get sick? The flu is in our house...and I woke up chilled and not feeling very well at all.....and have an increase in my palpitations....
Is this something anyone else has noticed?
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by da75, Mar 04, 2008
I noticed this too recently. I actually had my palpitations almost completely under control, then got the flu and they back big time. drank 2 litres of water a day and they dimished greatly.
by steph4501, Mar 04, 2008
YES!  I just had the flu a month ago and my PVC's were much worse and my heart rate was highly elevated.  it is our bodies working even harder to fight off the virus.  Once the virus is under control and you start to feel better, (no fever, aches, etc) then you will notice the palps getting better as well.