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sinus tachycardia with 1st degree av block?
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sinus tachycardia with 1st degree av block?

i ended up getting an ekg for the first time. i am a 24 year old male. i have a print out of this ekg and my heart rate was 117 and it said that i had a first degree av block. the pr interval was 220. if i am not mistaken,i think that the heart rate should be slower during a block? has anyone here ever seen tachycardia with a first degree heart block? it also said possible left atrial enlargement. because of this ekg,my doctor wants me to do a full cardiac workup. i am just 24,i don't think that i have heart trouble. should i still do all these heart tests?
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You are in the members section so we really can't diagnose your condition but though heart disease is rare in young people it is not unheard of.  Though you likely won't have classic heart disease like clogged arteries it is possible one of the flus you have affected your heart a bit so if a doctor recommends a cardio work up I would follow through.  You may not need to do anything if there is only minor issues.  You may have a wait and see period to see if your heart recovers on its own or you may need medicine to keep your heart in good working order.  Your worst case scenario would be needing a pace maker but I don't think that is in your cards with only 1st degree block but get the workup so you know what you are dealing with.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.
I think you've misunderstood this a bit. 1st degree AV block isn't a "block" that necessarily will slow the heart rate, but it is, as far as I know, uncommon in combination with sinus tachycardia. At rapid heart rates, the PR interval should shorten too. At night, with slow heart rate, almost all of us have prolonged PR intervals. The AV conduction is sensitive to adrenalin.

That said, 220 msec is really really borderline (I think the upper normal limit is 220 msec) but as it happened with sinus tachycardia, I would take the advice from your doctor if I was you.

Further, I would ask my doctor to register an EKG when the heart rate was slower than 117 (why did you have a heart rate of 117 resting, by the way? nervous when registering the EKG?) to see how the AV block developed at slower heart rates.

You mention LAE which is an interpretation of a prolonged P wave (included in the PR interval) so all of this is quite unclear. Like I said, I would follow the advice from the doctor. Better safe than sorry.
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