"special" palpitation,not sure what it is?
by flutternutter, Feb 16, 2011
Hello everybody,

I get a plapitation about once a week that is hard to describe. I'll give a few examples since i can't find a 100% fitting description: It feels  like a big thump, or rather a big squeeze, or an electric jolt, or as if a big open bag of flour gets kicked over, like a big squeeze in the middle of my chest. It is painless but it makes me twitch like a sneeze would. It lasts one beat or one second long and then is gone. I was never able to capture it on my wrist pulse, sinc i'm not fast enough. Does this sound familiar to anybody?
I just want to make sure it's not NSVT, which i had one recorded 7-beat run of a few months ago, but that felt diffrent. The NSVT were two big consecutive thumps when i had it.

Anyway, I hope somebody recognizes that spefici palpitation and can help me shed light on what it might be...i could go back and get another event monitir but i feel kinda silly, since my electrophysiologist/cardio tested everything and said my heart is structurally normal and everything's benign...


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by bluedog030461, Feb 16, 2011
Oh Karen...I get those "special" ones sometimes as well.  I also had a 7 beat run of NSVT and had all the necessary testing and I guess everything is "tickety boo" from what they say and everything is benign (although it sure doesn't feel like it).  Apparently my ticker is completely normal and I shouldn't worry about these things.

I get a ton of different sensations and I am just one of the "lucky" ones that feels every one of them.  
by flutternutter, Feb 16, 2011
I know what you mean. I guess after you've had your first cardio scare you tune into those sensations. Any idea what that lovely little beat is? How did your nsvt feel?
by cindy707, Feb 17, 2011
Okay i;ll weigh in on just a couple of thoughts......from what you have described it sounds to me like the electrical of your heart is naturally resetting itself.  From my understanding there are some lucky humans out there who's hearts actually work for them and not against them like alot of us.  Meaning that people that are a little more sensitive will feel just about every jolt in their body and when the heart naturally resets itself when it identifies an abnormal rhythm the feelings are much like what you have described especially because of the short duration, the feeling of the electrical jolt, the lite one time thump in the chest....especially to me if it is only lasting a nano second and then gone with no residual effects.  The only thing that i am symied by here is what the EP doc said...the structural integrity of your heart has little to do with the electrical impulses of the heart unless it is at the top end of a congenital defect or a progressive disease to me...the electrical originates in the av/sinus node of the heart where the basic brain of the heart is....and is basically receiving an improper signal that causes misfiring etc.  I guess Karen what i am basically getting at is how are you feeling?  Do you have residual effects after the episode meaning are you fatigued, do you have other symptoms after the fact, or prior to the episode?  Alot of issues with palps are actually benign and we all learn to live with the random episodes.....hmmmmm.....i guess i am just tossing everything but the kitchen sink out there in thinking.....
by Mom2four85, Feb 17, 2011
I have NSVT daily...ugh it's a pain... sometimes I'll have back to back runs or several runs daily/nightly caught on my ICD interrogation.

Back in July 2009, I was told my heart was normally structural per testing & echo...[hits my head against the wall] but a month later found it was found to be something dangerous - Polymorphic VT runs and malignant arrhythmia's. I had these episodes all my life with a lot of other symptoms.

My heart goes whacky; I just "feel" it starting; a clunking kind of sound in my head; then it sounds like knocking; sorry don't know how else to describe it,  

Sometimes my HR will be low 120's and then will go away quickly,  but other times it will cause me really bad stuff such as dizziness, my blood pounds in my head and makes it hard to hear; squeezing type of chest pains; my heart feels like it stops; my throat feels like it's clogged and I can't breathe, my HR will race to 190's and then I faint or almost faint.

What changed and made my heart go 'whacky'  I don't have a clue and doctor's don't either; but I may have some answers soon with a new doctor.  I didn't have heart disease, high bp, and my bloodwork is all good - doctor's found no environmental things wrong; I tried process of elimination and changing some personal habits, still nothing.

I do have some info in my journals on VT/VTach if you want to read it.  If you aren't sure what you're having, keep track of the episodes and ask for a monitor just in case it is something going on out of the normal for you.

Here is one very good article; but it's dated 1995, so I'm sure something more up to date is available : http://cmbi.bjmu.edu.cn/uptodate/cardiac%20arrhythmias/Ventricular%20tachycardia/Nonsustained%20VT%20in%20the%20absence%20of%20apparent%20structural%20heart%20disease.htm