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unsuccessful heart ablation
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unsuccessful heart ablation

hi everyone. i'm 21 years old and i have been suffering from svt for 8 years.
it has been getting worse over the years so my cardiologist decided to try an ablation. i had a feeling it wouldn't work..i tend to have the worst luck around.
i had the surgery on the 7th of this month. and it was unsuccessful :(
the heart surgeon could not get the extra circuit to act up long enough to cauterize it.
now he is suggesting i take a low dose of toprol to help with the heart palpatations. i have a feeling that won't work either.

it's been 4 days since the surgery and they went in through my groin area, both sides, upper thighs.
the area is extremely bruised and swollen. it hurts a lot to walk. i saw him early today about it and i had an ultrasound done to make sure the veins were ok. they said the veins are ok but this bruising and swelling is horrible and i hope it subsides soon.

i was wondering if anybody else has had an unsuccessful ablation for whatever reason and if anybody else has experienced such painful swollen and bruised groin/thigh area from the insertion of the wires..?
also if anybody has any opinions of what medications helped out the best for svt, please let me know.
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i figured i would also add how the episodes happen-

i could be in a resting state, and out of nowhere my heart will start fluttering, or pounding out of my chest.
sometimes the heart rate is normal but my heart feels like its racing/pounding/fluttering.
other times my heart rate skyrockets into the 100-150's, also while i'm in a resting state.

along with my heart acting and beating all funny, i get hot, then cold, then hot, sweaty, dizzy, lightheaded, my arms go numb, my veins pop out, and sometimes all i can hear is my own crazy heart beat.
So sorry to read you're having such a difficult time, and at a very young age.  Life isn't fair and all I can offer is the belief that the swelling and pain in the groin should subside soon.  Did your doctor give any help on pain and swelling relief?  For example, a strong aspirin?

Your case sounds to me like one that may require another try whenever it appears the ablation will be successful.  At your young age a "fix" is far better than a life time on medication.  

Sorry I don't have any personal knowledge to help.  Others will likely add more helpful input.
I don't know if this will help or not but I've had PSVT and ectopics (premature beats) all my life and I'm now 57. I'm not dead yet. I've had 3 children, raised them successfully and have been working with wildlife for over 19 years now. All with PSVT.

I've had 3 ablations done and although my heart rate isn't perfectly normal, it's improved things substantially. My tachy times used to last up to 45 minutes. My rates did and still do jump up to 150 -198 bpm. Yes, they can jump at any moment, while active or resting. But they last less than a minute usually. I feel it, get annoyed and grumble at my heart to shape up or else. It eventually kicks back to normal and life goes on.

I don't want to discourage you with this talk of multiple ablations but I want you to know that even if the heart decides to sprint for a bit, your rate isn't so fast that you're likely to pass out. It's just irritating and inconvenient. Don't give up on doing what you want.

As for the bruising, it sounds quite normal. They're just bruises and will clear up. Being in the groin is different than getting a bruise on your shin but it will fade.
thank you for your kind words.
my doctor did tell me to take aspirin or tylenol...it helps a little bit.
and i agree, i would rather have a fix than this whole life ahead of me on medication that just helps the problem a little bit. but i'm not sure if my doctor will feel there will be a time when it will be successful, he thought this one would be until he tried :\
thanks ireneo.
sorry to hear you're still having high rates but i'm glad your ablation worked, even though it took 3 times.
i hope one day i'll be in the same boat.

i'm trying really hard not to let this stop doing what i want, but it's a huge burden and i also have other health problems that are flared up right now. i am seriously limited on what i can do, even when i comes to everyday things.

i know my rates arent high enough for me to pass out but it's more than irritating..it's more than a high, strong heart beat. my whole body ends up with symptoms like dizziness, numbness, shortness of breath ect.. i've never passed out but came very close.
as for the bruising, theyre pretty big bruises and its also very swollen and tender. i'm sure it's normal but i saw the doctor earlier today and he didnt really like how they looked, thats why he had an ultrasound done on them. they look fine from the inside though. if it gets worse i'll have to see him again.
Sometimes people do have some extensive bruising and even develop hematomas after the procedure. Those will also resolve in time but it seems to take forever.

Hi:-) I just wanted to ask u how do u feel after Months after the procedure... if u still having pain and what about ur svt's
I'm having exactly the same symptoms like u did, for 3 and a half years now, but was miss diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks for years..now they want to do the ablation on me, i'm so scared, don't know what to do...i'm scatred, that the ablation is not going to work wit me, and i will end up with even worse svt's or even bruising or something else.. i have 2 little kids at home, don't want to die:-( i'm just 30... terrible


You're posting on a 2 years stale thread.
I had my ablation 2 weeks after this thread.
Don't be scared. You will not die from the ablation.
It might not work. It probably will, though. The thing on this forum is: there are a lot of people who have a crazy alphabet soup full of problems. They've had multiple ablations. Some might be a little crazy too (lots of talk of "anxiety" here).

FACT: Most (80%? 90%?? 95%??) get ablated ONE time, get fixed and move on with their lives. And subsequently, quit posting to the board.

So, be 10% worried and 90% pumped that you're going in for heart surgery.

Oh, be prepared to make your full out of pocket  payment (typical Blue Cross PPO would be $3,000). The procedure runs about $75,000 - real cost.
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