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your opinion will count...!!!

I would like to ask your opinion as I am very confuse if I am going to make the procedure or not. I have been diagnosed with VT with three different Cardiologists. I had my very first episode four weeks ago.

1st Doctor –first episode
I have been admitted in the hospital for 3 days for a close monitoring as I reach 234 per minute.
Diagnosis:   VT, Syncope and fall, Atrial fibrillation, left bundle branch block, hypertension
Discharge medication:  metoprolol 50mg ,Amiodardone 200 mg, Clopidogrel  75 mg, Pantoprazole40mg.
Doctor 1 referred me to another hospital as he suggests me to do a procedure.

2nd Doctor – as I complain with anxiety the new doctor prescribes Concor 2.5 and aspirin.
CT SCAN Coronary artery result:
Calcium score =0,  Heart rate= 35/min, Normal size and shape of the cardiac chambers, normal remainder scans through the chest. Normal course and patency of the examined left coronary LMA, LAD, LCX, D1,D2 and OMI. Normal course, caliber and patency of the right coronary namely the RCA, PDA, AMI. The coronary circulation is right dominant with the PDA arising out RCA. NO coronary arteries congenital anomalies seen. NO other possible coronary lesion seen . NORMAL CT CORONARY ANGIOGRHAPY.
Doctor 2 suggest me not to make the procedure as we got this CT scan result and continue the medication for another month.

3rd doctor – suggest me  make the procedure for I don’t like taking maintenance medicines for long period of time as it will have side effect . IP PERCUTANEOUS CARDIOVASCULAR PROCEDURE W/ CC.

My question is. Those three cardiologist makes me confuse to decide whether I will make the procedure or not. did 3rd doctor procedure is correct.? I would appreciate if you could advise me as I will mostly count your opinion.

Thanks in advance....!
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Ok. There are a couple of obvious pit falls here. First,  watch out for different opinions caused by different set of inputs.

Next,  a chief advantage of multiple opinions is that it helps to identify gaps in analysis. But these gaps are just the beginning of the process where you will now need to plug any gaps, especially any that may have been created by differences in inputs.

One way to do this is to approach each doctor with the information you got from the others and ask directly why it should be different. This needs to be done respectfully of course,  but what you are after is what was missed, or an understanding of precisely why someone has a unique perspective on the matter.  One person may also change his opinion to match the others,  if given the same information. But when they do not,  there is an opportunity to learn something new.
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