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Hemorrhoids treatment HAL/RAR skin tag removal
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Hemorrhoids treatment HAL/RAR skin tag removal

Hi all,

Since I was just operated using HAL/RAR method and had a skin tag removed, I thought I'd share my experience with you all since I know it can be helpfull to read other's experiences.

I am a male, 36 years old, having hemorrhoids since my 14 year. Over the years I had period where they didn't trouble and periods where did they did trouble me and where following things were tried:
- sclerose injection
- infrared threatment
- rubber band ligation

However, since last april nothing seemed to work.
Finally I went to a surgeon who advised me to operate using HAL and if necessary the RAR treatment. At the same time, some skin tags that developed over the years were also cut.
The operation was last tuesday, 11th of september. The first night was hell. I had to urinate but I couldn't and at the same time I had to make a bowel movement but I couldn't either. THis went through all night. At a certain moment in time, the nurse checked my bladder and there was 540 cc inside. She suggested to put a probe but after some time I managed to get it all out with quite some pressure with gave me awful lot of pain in the back.

The surgeon told me following things were done:
- a polyp was taken away (I didn't know there was one)
- all arteries were ligated using HAL
- two piles were sewed up using RAR
- one skin tag that was left was cut and sewed

Then the datys after the surgery:

Day1: quite ok, I had pain but not as much as I thougt. The first BM came at six a clock evening and was quite ok. I took stool softeners so it wasn't too painful. At night however, the pain really kicked in. I felt like a super big bruise was on my back and going up all the way inside. I took two baths that night.

Day2: Pretty much same story. BMs seemed to beginning hurt more, sleeping at night was hell. Ice seemed to cool down the spot.

Day3: Again the same story but more pain is coming up. THe back is also swollen quite a lot. Last nigt was horrible. You feel hours before the BM that you have to go and everything seems to be pushing to each other inside so the pain really kicks in long before.
After the BM it didn't get any better. Pain was from 10 PM last night untill 11 AM this morning. Everything subsided a bit now.

So far, I had quite some pain but I have to mention that it is bearable and at this point in time, I wouldn't doubt to do it again. However, I can only say for sure that it helped after I know if I can go back in a normal way to the toilet without pain, blood and cleaning with normal toilet paper.
I will keep you all posted the next days.

Hello Tom.
I had the same surgery few days ago. And I am experiencing exactly the same things. Can you please tell me what happened next? And ho long did it take to get arid of pain?

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