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Why MedHelp needs this group
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This is a place to have spirited discussion of topics that overheat on the Hepatitis C forum and the Hepatitis Social forum

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Why MedHelp needs this group

Good grief!  I tried to ask a question.  The answer to my question is what I'm after, I'm trying to get insight that's important to me.  Instead of insight I get judgment, harassment.  I'm cynical, envious, part of some gang.  \

To me it looks like the ones ganging up on someone are the people who, without any attempt to give me helpful information, condemn me for wanting to hear from someone actually having the experience just what that experience is like.

On the main forum I would not be able to say this because if I did probably medhelp would delete my post or even take the thread down.  This is why we need this group, because this needs to be said.

Trish77, GoofyDad, RGlass SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.  They didn't have any response that was of any use to me or anybody else but they all took the time to upbraid me for asking my question.

Nice.  Real nice.  So much for posting on MedHelp.  I waited years to post.  I read MH for years.  I saw all three of those people get help and support on the board.  I never did anything to anything to any of them but they all ganged up on me the minute I sought a little help and support for myself.

I see now that the point of participating in MedHelp for some people is self-aggrandizement.  Its just an inconvenience to them when a person not in their little clique intrudes on "their" forum.

Well, I hope people like me will come to this group and maybe get answers without having to worship at the altar of any member who thinks he or she should have the final say on what is appropriate.

As I said when I made the first post, all are welcome here.  Thanks to everyone who has joined.  I think we can have good discussions and maybe help one another in this group.  I don't see that happening on the main forum though.  Too bad...
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I understand what you're saying.

I'm glad you posted, no matter what.

Stick around, you will learn a lot

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