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ALT & AST elevated readings. Hepatitis A Reactive!
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ALT & AST elevated readings. Hepatitis A Reactive!


I'm 38, male. Recently I had full body and blood screening. The result for AST & ALT kind of elevated with high numbers:

SGOT/AST : 39 U/L (8-37)
SGPT/ALT : 95 U/L (5-44)
Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase(GGT) : 106 U/L (M 12-64; F 9-36).

HBsAg : Non-Reactive
Anti-HBs    : Non-Reactive

Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) IgG  : Reactive
Anti-HCV (EIA / MEIA Method) : Non-Reactive

Any idea, what could be the cause to make the readings for AST & ALT high?
What I should do now? Can Hepatitis A cause this as the result shows as Reactive? Hep B & C non reactive.

I am having piriformis syndrome since 2005 which causes severe back and shoulder pain. I'm not taking any medication for this but just doing 5 mins yoga to minimize the pain. Is this can be related to muscle damages?
Also, I used to have cold sores(herpes simplex type 1) around lips area once a while whenever my stress level goes up. I used to take(3 months back) antiviral medicine to treat/suppress the virus. Could this be the reason?

And I'm having high cholesterol level as well.

Total Cholesterol: 7.2 mmol/l (< 5.2)
Triglycerides : 2.4 mmol/L (1.0)
LDL - Cholesterol: 4.6 mmol/l (Optimal  4.5)

I've uploaded my blood results in my profile album as the formatting in this comment page is not really working well. Feel free to check it out and provide your feedback. Really appreciate your help. Thanks
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