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Bilirubin levels went down and are now up
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Bilirubin levels went down and are now up

I had jaundice in May this year due to hepatitis A and I healed pretty quickly as I went down to a very strict schedule of not drinking , not smoking and a zero fat diet. I even started going to the gym.

My levels for bilirubin and SGPT kept going down after that and on 31st July 2012 were down to:
Total - 1.1 mg/dl
Direct - 0.4 mg/dl
Indirect -0.7 mg/dl
SGPT - 34 IU/L

I am still not drinking and not smoking although I have introduced fat in my diet starting from August.
I got a sonography done yesterday and I was diagnosed with Grade-1 Fatty Liver.
I have had no discomfort related to it though.
Just to be sure , I got some blood tests done. My cholesterol, haemoglobin (is at 16) etc is perfectly within range.
So is my blood sugar.
However my bilirubin levels are now so:

Total - 1.7 mgdl
Direct - 0.5 mg/dl
Indirect - 1.2 mg/dl

Need advice related to this. Are these levels due to me introducing fat in my diet again?
Does it mean that I have to still be careful related to my jaundice as my liver cant still take the hit of heavy food?
Or is it something else that I need to be worried about?
Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

The elevated bilirubin may not be related to hepatitis A infection. Did you check for other hepatitis infections like B & C? They could cause elevated bilirubin levels. Fatty liver can be due to alcoholism when it is called Alcoholic fatty liver disease and the other one is Non alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is due to obesity, diabetes and high triglyceride levels. As the blood sugar and cholesterol values are normal, the fatty changes could be due to prior drinking habits. Fatty food is not directly linked to fatty changes in the liver.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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