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Blood Test Results Question
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Blood Test Results Question

So I have suspected I might have gotten hepatitis after encountering someone I didn't really know and starting to have stomach problems there after, lack of appetite, constipation, strange bowel movements.

It has been 6 months now, i am seeing a gastroenterology, I did a blood test and am Wondering what my results mean.

These are the odd ones out:

Carbon Dioxide: 20 L         Normal Range: 21 - 33 mmol / L
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 1.3 H    Normal Range: 0.2-1.2 mg/dL
ALT       8 L                       Normal Range: 9-60 U/L

             SIGNAL TO CUT OFF  0.01                            <1.00

HEPATITIS B SURFACE                                             EN
AB (QUANT TO ENDPOINT)         <5                             mIU/mL
Patient does not have immunity to hepatitis B virus.

It's been 6 months since possible exposure now, and my stupid blood people didn't do a Hep A test this time again, even though I asked them specifically about it. now I have to go get another one done just for Hep A

What does this mean, and should I do the results mean. Since I'm not immune to B Surface does it mean I can have it and be undetectable since I don't have antibodies?

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This is a hepatitis C forum.
The good news is you do not have hep C.

Your bilirubin is high and ALT is low.
You should ask your doctor to explain to you what he or she thinks is going on.
It might not be a bad idea to post on the hep B forum.

Good luck.
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I had it posted on Hepatitis Social, since I don't know which type I might have yet, I can't pick an exact one yet, but if you think B is a better place I will post there.

Also there was
CBC ( INCLUDES DIFF/PLT)               EN
Test not performed, no suitable specimen received.

Should I go back to do a CBC along with a Hep A?
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Top of the page says this is a Hep A community, not Hep C.

Johnb22,  you should get immunized for hep B, it's a 3 series immunization over a 6-7 month period.  You don't have the antibodies for hep B, doesn't appear you have been exposed to it,  or to hep c.   Also, when you get screened for Hep A antibodies. If neg., then do the immunizations for it as well.

Good luck, and hope your gastro issues get resolved.
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