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My g/f has hep c. I hate condoms.
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My g/f has hep c. I hate condoms.

ok, thanks for letting me joing this group. This is my first post.  My g/f to whom I am loyal, as in no other sex partners has had hep c for about 15 years. Ive been with her for five years and I knew she had it when I met her. I think she has had two or three other sex partners since being diagnosed and always used a condom. The dr. said 2 months ago that there is now now longer any signs of the hep c  in her body. She did not go for a follow up test to absolutely confirm it. (She is pretty darn happy cause she likes her vodka)She was honest with me a told me she got it in the 80's from shooting coke and speed and sharing her b/f's needle.She did interferon therapy many years ago when it first came out in Texas as an experiment under a State testing program. We have used a comdom during sex for many years. However, I want to make love to her and feel her without that annoying condom. Does anyone think that one or two times of vaginal intercourse will put me at risk for contracting hep c? Please be honest and let me know.
Much respect to you all for sharing....
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Hello Roadmonster...

This is a VERY good question.

I'll answer it as blatantly honest as I can.

I've been married going on 13 years.

I became infected some time after 1993 --- most likely in 1996.

I have never done drugs, nor have I ever been a prostitute --- or any other "generalized thought" route of transmission --- so it's all MALARKY about all folks who have HCV being druggies... If it can happen to me - it can happen to ANYONE. So it does not matter how your girlfriend got HCV.

What is cool - is that she was honest with you - and from the beginning.

Now - about the sex part.

Me and the hubby ---- well to put it honestly --- had wild monkey sex - in every way you can possibly imagine. Never using a condom... During all times of the month --- if you catch my meaning.

The hubby had a Prince Albert piercing - and we've both had cuts and scrapes, etc.

My hubby never contracted HCV from me - even though we didn't know I had it until around 2006.

All during Treatment for HCV and including up to now, he still is negative for HCV antibodies.

My family was involved in an accident that all of us had major cuts on - and no one else in my family has HCV.

So --- with her being VIRAL LOAD FREE --- which means SVR --- doctors advise that you are no longer contagious once you have reached sustained viral response....

Please see my post to DR. Dietrich on this very subject.

So --- I say --- it's up to your girlfriend --- who is probably very lucky to have you --- to choose to have sex without a condom.

Know that there is a risk --- if she is still has HCV viral load... But it is so very small that doctors advise for monogamous couples to not worry about protected sex.

Much luck to you - now you just have to convince her....


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Hepatitis C is not a STD. It is a blood borne disease. To contract it through sex, you must both have open soars.The doctors advise that you need not use protection, if you are in a monogamous relationship, except when the woman has her period or if one of the couple has open soars. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for 10 years and he has not been infected. I did not find out that I had hcv until a few months ago.

From what you are saying, it seems like your girlfriend is cured, if she tested negative after having completed treatment years ago and is still testing negative now. I f she doesn't have hepatitis c anymore, she cannot infect you anyway.

Avatar m tn
"...The dr. said 2 months ago that there is now now longer any signs of the hep c  in her body. She did not go for a follow up test to absolutely confirm it.
Its unclear if your girlfriend is potentially infectious or not. Only a negative PCR (viral load test) can confirm that and it appears she may not have had it.

That said, sexual transmission is uncommon, but appears to happen in a small minority of cases. Thinking is that male to female transmission is more common that female to male transmission.

The last time I checked, the CDC does not recommend condoms for hetero monagamous couples not engaging in high risk sex practices (anal sex for example) although it certainly comes down to an individual decision.

-- Jim
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Hi  Road Monster,
I like your hog, my boyfriend rides a 2000 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide, and I just got my motorcycle license and plan on buying an 883 Sportster.

I was diagnosed with Hep C back in 1990 and am just going thru treatment now, with 1 month and 3 weeks to go,  I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and not to mention I was married previously and had other boyfriends years ago.  I also told my boyfriend about my Hep C right away and we used condoms for the first 6 months, but for the last 4 years, no condoms and he is fine, when it is that time of the month we use condoms, I don't want to take any chances.  It is a blood born diease like other mentioned.  Blood to Blood contact.

I think you can safely have sex with no condom except when it is that time of the month.
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hi me and my hubby just got married and his been diagnosed that he has hcv just this year,and his pancreatitis survivor,and im not infected with hcv,we had sex without wearing any condom,is there possibility that im infected also?and also one day i use his tweezer but i never bleed,now im so worried that i might be positive with hcv...please help me is there possibility that im infected with it?
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