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can sugar cause liver problems?
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can sugar cause liver problems?

hello, i have been suffering from liver area pains,tiredness, even allergy like symptoms alot too,

my alt has been mildly raised in the 90' 100's somtimes drops in the 60's to 80's for over 7 years,

i have posted before on here about this, previously in the years i have had a ultrasound of the liver and shown it was fine not fatty. last year i had an ultrasound done and it shown as fatty.
anyways the hepatologist i was refered to, he told me to lose weight and eat a healthy diet

i lost 1 stone just by taking sugar out and reduction of wheat in my diet in a month, i had the liver function test and it shown as 46 for alt

was shocked at the results in such a short period of time, unless it may go back up again, but will be tested in 6momths time,

my question is, i have taken sugars out my diet and have lost alittle weight, it seems to have helped,

i have noticed when i do eat sugar i get bloated alot, even on my face and body, would this mean i have some kind of sugar intolerance?

i told the hepatologist about the tirdness, he said it can take up to a year for the body to get its enegry back. is that right?

what tests can i look to do form here on?
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You don't mention that you have hep , but I'm assuming that since you are on this forum, you do.

Try drinking water when you do eat sugar. It may cause you to retain fluid in you tissues, and believe it or not, the solution is to drink more water.

Let us know your Hep status and we can give you better advice.
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hi i dont understand what you mean by having heo, did you mean hepititis (hepatitis) viruses?
i am negative fir all hp viruses and neg for autimune hep tooo

my liver was simply fatty and inflamed, i jave had a history of alcohol, which i was a social drijnker while back.

so far as far as i know its simply fatty and had inflamation (inflammation) with mildly rasied alt

i have lost weight,tke sugars out, it seems to be affecting the alt if i exercise and keep healthy the alt is comming down to normal.

must be the sugar, so yea i will take your advise drink more water too


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