Can I still reach my Dream? Is there a life after Hepatitis B?
by bioslim, Mar 24, 2009
Im a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in FEU and I now, a REGISTERED NURSE as I passed the Nov 2008 board examination. I graduated as *** LAUDE in my school hoping that this recognition could bring me to success. Until now, i can't believe that all my dreams will just fade because of my condition. I was diagnosed with hepatitis B when we had our screening when I was in 2nd year college..I wAS so blessed that i was able to finish college even with this kind of condition. But now, that i'm a registered nurse, new worries and fears hunted me..." Do I still have a chance to work as a nurse in the other country?" " iS it possible for me to work here in the Philippines as a nurse knowing that Filipinos are not that open and very strict with regards to this kind of topics?" Now I don't know what to do...Im just praying for someone that God will send to me, which will serve as his instrument in giving me hope and encouragement with regards to my condition. I'm a healthy carrier since I got this disease from my mom...Hope for your reply
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by bberry, Mar 24, 2009
there is no need to listing your personal info.

as for your condition, it is the same worry many people come here to express. it isnt that easy in some countries.

i cant really tell if you are able to work in the phillippines or any other country.
if you have a country in mind that you would like to move to then i would suggest you check their national health department and see if you will be elgible for work in that country or not.

good luck and hang in there til like you said God has a different say.
by bioslim, Mar 28, 2009
Hi bbery..Thanks for that encouragement..I know that God has a great plan for me...
by Athan, Jun 14, 2009
you know what? im also positive w/ hepa b... pero ipinapaDIYOS ko nalang.... and ng nasa pinas p ako? ang nireseta skin ng doctor ko is GODEX capsule... sinabayan ko din ng (CMD) concentrated mineral drops n inihahalo ko sa calamansi juice... 3 months ko din tnake lahat ng un and now im hire in malaysia... working... i've passed the medical screening 3 times.... and thank God nawala.... hoped u try it also.... medyo magastos lng sya...... pero laking ginhawa naman.... ung GODEX 2capsule 3x a day, after meal.....tapos ung CMD 20 drops evry meal..... kso dito sa malaysia natatakot ulit ako kasi puro oily fuds dito... natrauma n pti ako... hirap kpag nasa isip n..... and pls. also ask ur personal doctor.... GODSPEED and GOD BLESS EVERYONE!
by Sharp7, Jun 18, 2009
I realize I am replying to a fairly old post, but I saw it only now. I hope my thoughts on the matter help.

If I were a patient with wounds that needed dressing, and I did not have HepB, given the choice, I really would not choose to be cared for by a nurse who has HepB.

Next: what kind of patients would not care whether you have HepB or not? Patients who have HepB themselves? I wonder if there is a HepB hospital somewhere in the world. What else? Advanced stage cancer patients or other terminally ill patients? As far as I know HepB has quite a long incubation period. Surely, terminally ill patients would not be affected much by this. Do you think you could specialize in caring for them? What else? A geriatric hospital? Any more ideas?

I understand that the laws in your country of interest may not let you care even for terminally ill patients. I hope you can reason with someone, somewhere in the world, and they will let you work at whatever you do best.
by brownurse, Dec 23, 2009
I am hep b carrier I am  an RN. I went through a same predicament like yours.I passed all the exam including CGFNS. I cried devastated when I found out that I am a carrier and was discriminated by a  hospital in Manila. But I didnt give up. till I found this small hospital in cubao.They did not require any medical exam, Which I believed God answered my Prayer. Worked there for 3 years. Now Im working here in USA enjoying my dream. Always remember white lie is not a sin...
keep on Praying, God Will lead the way...