5 th inj pegasys and raised ALT
by ali256, Sep 26, 2013
hbsag + since 2005
anti hbs -
hbeag -
anti hbe +
alt and ast normal
hbv dna less than 116 copies / ml ( undetectable )

HBsAg quantitaive from 19 to 13.4 then 16 and now 20.23 over last one year
No treatment taken

Now have started with
-PEG interferon 180 mcg once weekly  
-Vit D

got 5 inj and now ALT 103 which had always been previously normal

Comments PLZ....
Good or bad sign ?
when to repeat HBsAg quantitative ?
Hopes ?
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by mustthinkpositive, Sep 26, 2013
Your HBsAG was very low pre-IFN and looks like you might clear it with IFN.

Good luck.

by ali256, Sep 26, 2013
yea lets see what happens  
will repeat HBsAg quantitative after 8 inj
by ali256, Sep 27, 2013
No lift
by stef2011, Sep 28, 2013
the higher the alt the more infected cells killed the lower hbsag....so let's hope you can reach a good flare like 500-1000 but even flares 100-200 can clear hbsag when it is very very low, give it few months
by mustthinkpositive, Sep 29, 2013
What was your Vit D level pre-IFN and were you taking Vit D before IFN?

I am on my 10th week and only doing 90mcg. ALT flare as high as 131 but has come down to about 90.

My HBV was detected the same time as yours, which was 2005.

You should be happy that your HBsAg is so low and have you taken any anti-viral pre IFN?

by ali256, Sep 29, 2013
-Did not take antiviral before INF
-Did not check Vit D levels bec the test is costly and we all are defecient in Vit D
-Just started taking Vit D
by ali256, Sep 29, 2013
why only 90 mic
why not 180
by ali256, Sep 29, 2013
whats your HBsAg level before INF
when did u check it the last and what was that
i am thinking of repeating it after 8th inj ?
by psyman_HBV, Sep 29, 2013
How old are you? and what 's you hep B genotype?