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Chronical HBVer. Having Viread 24 months. US result
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Chronical HBVer. Having Viread 24 months. US result


I am a chronicle HBVer. I was diagnosed in Sep 2011. I have been on Viread since Sep/2011. Before I took Viread, my baseline was:

Sept/2011: baseline.
hbeag: negative, ast 163 (10-40 U/L), alt: 186 (9-60 U/L), HBV DNA 7 LOG. Liver CT and US is normal.

May/2012: eight months on Viread
hbeag: negative, ast 31 (0-40), alt: 30 (0-55),  HBV DNA: 40 IU/ML. Liver US is normal.

Nov/2012: 13 months on Viread
hbeag: negative, ast 30 (0-40), alt: 27 (0-55),  HBV DNA: <20 IU/ML. Liver US is normal.

The latest results are June 2013:

Jun/2013: 20 months on Viread
hbeag: negative, ast 24 (0-40), alt: 21 (0-55),  HBV DNA: <20 IU/ML. Liver US is below:

Below are the sentence from US which worries me:


Liver: Diffuse mildly coarse echotexture with minimally irregular contours. No focal lesion.

Commo bile duct: Boarderline dilated. similar to the prior exam. It measures 7 mm in diameter.


1. Coarse liver echotexture compatible with underlying hepatocellular disease.
2. Stable borderline dilated common bile duct caliber. Correlate clinically.

Should I worry about the US findings?

Thanks for your help.

Avatar m tn
US is useless to define liver damage and monitor fibrosis you must use fibroscan, US is only to detect liver cancer

also the tests you did are not useful to see if you are clearing the virus, you need hbsag quantitative in iu/ml to know, hbvdna undetectable just means replication lowered but tells nothing about hbvdna in the liver and infected cells in the liver and clearance of infected cells
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