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Confused about options for treating Hepatitis B
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Confused about options for treating Hepatitis B

My latest ALT was quite high at 69, so the doctor is recommending me to go on Viread or Baraclude.  I'm 28 Asian male and feel okay, so I wanted a second opinion before signing up a lifetime medication.  I haven't done any fibroscans or biopsy's yet, but I probably will.  I'm confused about the various options I have for treatment.  Please advise:

-Option 1.  Take Viread or Baraclude, as recommended.  It seems both are about equal in effectiveness, except that Viread is a bit more potent (especially for those with resistance).  However, Viread has worse side-effects: kidney damage and bone-density loss.  For me, it seems Baraclude would be a better bet.  Now, assuming I can get my ALT and DNA numbers low (and stay low, if I don't develop any resistance), am I safe and have nothing to worry about?  

-Option 2.  I've read about interferons being able to cure Hepatitis B (with a very low chance).  Should I try this first or later?  One treatment is Pegasys (Interferon Alfa), but there is a supposedly new more potent treatment Interferon Lambda.  The problem is these seem to have pretty serious side-effects (mental disorders, eye problems, lung problems,..)

-Option 3.  Combine treatment with some experimental drug like Alinia (ntz/nitazoxanide) or Simvastin (sim).  Based on what I've read, Viread and Baraclude are usually sufficient to lower DNA and ALT.  I've read that ntz can lower DNA/ALT too, but this seems redundant.  If that is the case, is the main purpose of ntz or sim to try to completely cure Hepatitis B?  Or do these drugs also help prevent liver damage/cirrhosis such that it would even be helpful even for someone who manages to get their DNA/ALT numbers under control?

-Option 4.  Future treatments.  There are some promising drugs out there like REP 9AC.

So far, to me, I think I will take a Biopsy.  Assuming there's liver damage, I'm thinking of taking Baraclude to try and limit liver damage.  If this will help me live another 5-10 years, perhaps one of these future Hep B drugs will become available.  What do you think?  Any advice appreciated!

28 yr old, Asian Male.  Hep B by birth.

October 2010
Alt 47, DNA 72000 iu
Ultrasound: normal liver
Geontype C.

June 2011
Alt 32, DNA 175000 iu

October 2011
Alt 69, DNA 110,000 iu
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get the ff tests

SGPT (you got it already)
Biopsy/ fibroscan

you can take baraclude but it's very expensive and doctors say that u have to take them for a VERY long time, maybe even for a lifetime :) And there are documented cases of people whose HEPB status got worse when they stopped taking baraclude,

Maybe interferon because accdg to many online resources it doesnt cause mutations to the HEPB virus, but accdg to stefano it does.

Talk to a specialist then weight your options.
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