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Could you please explain me my Hepatitis B results?
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Could you please explain me my Hepatitis B results?

Hello, please help me for undersanding my results.I did my hepatitis test on 25th November. The results were as follow:

HBs antigen value: 0.59 negative  (Positive: >1) Siemens immulite 2000xpi chimiolumiscence

Antibody HBs: 271 mUI/ml  (POSITIVE :> 10mUI/ml) Siemens immulite 2000xpi chimiolumiscence

Antibody HBc value: 0.96  doubt (positive:>1.15) Siemens immulite 2000xpi chimiolumiscence

There is the comment "Probably false positive reaction for antibody HBc total".

I have taken two dose of vaccines on 11th June and 11th july of this year. and the third dose is on 11th december 2013.

But in last few months, i shared the ciggerate when I was drunk and I kissed one girl on 18th september. What my results say?? Should I worry about it? I am infected with Hepatitis B or I was infected with Hepatitis B or I have chances to get infected with it?

please help me! thanks a lot
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Avatar m tn
To me, you are HBsAg negative and you have a very string protective level of HBsAb. So you definitely do not have Hepatitis B and you have protective immunity.
If the HBcAb is positive, it would indicate that you were previously infected but have made a full recovery and no longer infected. But as the result is in doubt, I would not be concerned at all.

There are no documented cases that Hepatitis B can be transmitted through kissing and sharing a cigarette.
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thank you very much! should I go for third dose or not? what do you think?
Avatar m tn
If the result of your HBsAb is correct, I don't think it is necessary.
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sir my
hbsag value was 0.19 negative (OCTOBER) and in november value is 0.50 positive.
i have a symptom of right abdomine pain, pale yellow urine, slightly itchy
joint pains.

is this symptoms are very emergency(liver damage) call up for me.

i have not consulted any doctors(gastroenthrologist) for the past 9 months.

please suggest me what to do now?
Avatar m tn
I am a bit confused. You were HBsAg negative in October, but a month later, you are HBsAg positive - this should indicate you were infected between Oct and Nov. So why were you seeing a Gastro doctor previously, for what condition?

Please note, if you have uncomfortable or unusual symptoms that persist for several days, you should always see a doctor.
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thank u sir,
condition was hepatitis b

i said negative and positive regarding hepatitis b surface antigen

for my symptoms whom should i contact (specific doctor)

i am worried any damage to my liver.(my last(1 month before) LFT was normal values)
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"i said negative and positive regarding hepatitis b surface antigen" ?!
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Sir i had my new tests

U/S ABDOMINO - PELVIC --- Everything is normal in shape and size.

LFT :- BILIRUBIN ( indirect ) 1.1 mg/dl
         A :G RATIO                1.2
         ALT                            25 U/L
         AST                           32 U/L rest of the test r normal.

i am worried my bilirubin level is more. my urine is yellowish.
sir i want know , y my bilirubin level increased.
now  i am in which phase acute or chronic.???
emergency treatment required now ?
Avatar m tn
I don't think you have Hepatitis B. Please check with your doctor.
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I was diagnosed of Hepatitis B (+); HBeAg (-); Anti HBe (+) last Sept 2013. The Doctor prescribed LEGALON but I didn’t take it because it’s costly, instead I just used another brand of Milk Thistle.
My Daily Routine:
AM:  1 capsule of Milk Thistle; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C. ; 1 cap (400 IU) of Vit. E
LUNCH: 1 Tab of Multivitamins ; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C
PM: 1 capsule of Milk Thistle; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C. ; 1 cap (400 IU) of Vit. E

Below are my results.
SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 (My initial results before taking supplements)
HBsAg                                               3.477  (REACTIVE)
HBeAg (CMIA)                                    0.34    (NONREACTIVE)
Anti HBe (CMIA)                                 0.01    (REACTIVE)
SGPT/ALT (KINETIC)                        11.66  U/L
PCR HBV ViraL Load                         1,151 IU/mL     6,699 copies/ml

DECEMBER 9, 2013 (Results after taking supplements)
HBsAg      (Microwell EIA)                   2.523  (REACTIVE)
Anti Hbs   (Microwell EIA)                    0.045
HBeAg      (Microwell EIA)                   0.047   (NONREACTIVE)
HBV-DNA (PCR) Quantitative:        49   * HBV DNA NOT DETECTED        IU/mL
Alk. Phosphatase                      
Total Bilirubin                          
*Tumor Markers :  AFP (ECLIA)        
                       INR                       0.88
                      % of activity        142.5%

Liver is Normal in size measuring 12.5 cm at the right midclavicular line.
Liver parenchyma is slightly increased with focal areas of sparing.
NO discrete parenchymal mass is seen.
Intrahepatic and common bile ducts are NOT dilated. CBD measures 0.3 cm
NO evident fluid collection is noted in the Morison pouch, anterior and posterior perihepatic spaces.
Impression: Consider Fatty Liver changes w/focal areas of sparing.

• Right now, I add malunggay capsules in my daily routine 1 cap AM/PM. I hope it will help more. So far I’m happy for the results ( Thank you LORD!) but I want to know about my Liver Ultrasound Impression, Pls Help. Thanks 
Avatar m tn
Most of us are not specialists, especially in radiological imaging. So just read your radiologist's conclusion:
Impression: Consider Fatty Liver changes w/focal areas of sparing.

It seems to say you have mild(?) fatty liver. You should really ask your doctor.

Just my opinion.
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thanks :)
Avatar m tn
Hello Sir,

R u sure i dont have hepatits b, is it not a joke Sir,

How do u say i dont have it.
i was tested  twice 1 year before for hepatits b, i was told i am positive by a gastroenterologist.

i will b happy  if it is true,
Avatar m tn
How can I be sure about your HepB status? You have  given us very little and conflicting information: HBsAg negative in October but positive in November !

As you are seeing a gastroenteritist, you should ask him your questions. We are not doctors here.
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