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I had an unprotected sexual exposure of March of 2008 with a girl of unknown status she was a college student of 26 years old. I got sick with symptons related to hbv such as pain in the right region where the liver is, elevated liver enzymes, nasua, loose stools, extreme tiredness, aches and pains through out body. I was tired of getting the run around with doctors not knowing there azz from the elbow even the gastro doctors seem to have limited knowledge on hepatitis so I went to a Heptologist who did a complete work up on me and said your antigen and core came back neg and he also said the igm e-antigen came back negative but he also said the viral load came back + at 750 then
he re-tested it 2 weeks after was undectable
so then he retested it the following month and was undectable
so then he retested it again for the 3rd time one more month and was undectable
so he said "we believe with the results that the first test was most likely lab error.
I complained about 6 symtons still of March of 2009
1) pain still under right rib
2) aches and pains and joint pain
3) extremely tired
4) Nasua
5) sweat only wear the liver is (need to change a shirt at night)
6) night blindness
he then ordered a hida scan and believed the pain was caused by the gall-bladder then had the surgeon remove it
then he ordered a liver biopsy and he said that the liver only showed "fatty liver" he said that is common today with many people
My arguement is that I am in severe pain my liver enyzmes are about (25-35) currently are in the normal range and the pains are so horrible that nothing seems to work pain meds nothing. I have asked the girl I was with to get std tested and she has refused I had tested negative for hcv twice and had a negative hcv viral load count twice so my doctor is rulling out hcv and doesnt believe I have hbv
but I think I might be an occult-hbv carrier an occult meaning the virus can hide in your body, My doctor should have did an HBV viral load count when he did the liver biospy because the virus would have an accurate reading more in the liver than tested in your blood. This would show If I have HBV
Any suggestions you have? I am just in severe pain that never seems to go away
thanks for your help
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Any suggestions you have?

--Sounds like you are free for HBV and HCV.  What is your life style like?  Do you drink, sleep late, and take a lot of medications or other drugs?
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