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Hep B inactive phase and treatment
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Hep B inactive phase and treatment

I was recently diagnosed with hep B. I don't know how long I have had it. Here are my test results:

-HBsAg: reactive
-Anti HBc IgM: non-reactive
-HBeAg: non-reactive
-Anti-HBe: reactive
-HBV DNA: undetectable (done by Abbott Real Time PCR. Dynamic range is 34 to 3,410,000,000 copies/ml)
-ALT: 15
-AST: 19

Does this mean I am truly in the inactive phase of Hepatitis B? Since my Anti HBc IgM is non-reactive, I have the inactive chronic hepatitis B, right?

What other tests should I do? Is there any treatment that can increase my chances of losing the HBsAg and seroconverting to Anti-HBs? Am I a good candidate for treatment?
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Does this mean I am truly in the inactive phase of Hepatitis B?
no it means you are now inactive but cronic (chronic) hbv flactuates, it rarely stay on continuous replication.to reach 100% inactive you have to check your hbsag quantity by abbott architect, less than 500iu/ml is 100% inactive with no reactivation and high probability of immune clearance of hbv
less than 1500iu/ml high probability of inactive carrier but not 100%, higher than 1500iu/ml cronic (chronic) hbv
liver damage must be between 4-5kpa to confirm inactive carrier, that's the range  of no liver damage or biopsy f0 (it might be ven f1 sine unhealthy diet can also make liver damage)

Am I a good candidate for treatment?
only for immune modulators like interferon or nitzoxanide, i'd use only ntz at the moment and see if hbsag declines, ntz is off label
interferon can have heavy sides so i'd wait for interferon lambda to be on the market which has mild sides since you don t need to ruh treatment
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