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Hepatities B test result
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Hepatities B test result

Dears pls help me to understand my case as per following test results :

HBV-DNA Quantitative PCR = 1,470 IU/ml
HBV DNA is detectable
Hepatitis B surface antigen=Positive
Hepatitis B e-Ag = not detectable
S.G.P.T= 28 U/I
Hepatitis C =Negative
Hepatitis A (IGG) positive
Hepatitis A (IGM) Negative
Liver Function Test:
SGOT, Serum=23 U/L
SGPT, Serum=30 U/L
Alkaline phosphatase, Serum= 72 U/L
Total protein, Serum= 7.5 gm/dl
Albumin ,Serum =4.3 gm/dl
Globulin , Serum = 3.2 gm/dl
Bilirubin total, Serum = 0.8 gm/dl

what is your diagnosis and available treatment also please mention the time required for full recovery...thanks in advance..
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