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Here is my medical history: (approx.)
Hepatitis B carrier, 18 yr old male
Year  ALT   AST

1995  93    52
96    77    42
97    108   65
98    175   76  
99    175
00    210
01    300
                     HBS Ag +
                     HBc Ab +
                     HBs Ab.... <10 miu/mL
I took Interferon from Sept 1998 to Jan 1999, 3 times a week (5mu).  It did not help much, and the ALT/AST numbers rose in 2001.  So I took chinese medicine (herbs) in July and the ALT dropped from 500 to 200.  In Jan 2002, for some odd reason, the ALT went up to 1920 and AST 1100!!  
The doctor recommended me to take lamivudine 100mg, 1 tablet per day.  3 days later, the blood test showed that the ALT is even higher, 2100, AST 1200.  
1) Is this normal?  
2) Can lamivudine possibly make the condition of my liver worse?
3) Would lamivudine help my AST/ALT numbers go down?
4) I'm only 18...(don't drink/smoke)..am I likely to have liver cancer/cirrohsis later on?
5) What can I do now, other than take lamivudine?  Are there foods/things I should be aware of and not do?  

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