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Need Help (HBSAG Positive)
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Need Help (HBSAG Positive)

Age : 25 years
Home Town: Gulbarga, Karnataka, INDIA

Case History: (HBSAG POSITIVE)
I did my routine blood test during 2006 and everything was normal.
In 2008 during routine blood test, HBSAG positive was detected. Did not took any treatment.
Now December 2012, HBSAG positive detected.
Consulting at Institute of Liver and Biliary Science (ILBS) hospital Delhi.
Doctors at ILBS says that it’s a chronic HBSAG,  and they can just lower my HBSAG level but can’t make it negative or zero and this HBSAG virus will always be there in my body till my death.
So I request you to please suggest any treatment for this HBSAG.
And also I request you to please answer my questions,
1.       HBSAG can be made negative or zero..?
2.       In future if I did blood test then this HBSAG will always be present in my blood test..?

I request you to please suggest any treatment for this HBSAG.
I have attached all my reports with this mail.

I am a HBSAG positive below are my reports ...

My reports
* [ those ones which I have written in flower brackets are bold and dark colored in my report. ]

1. Liver Function Test / Profile - serum

Test                                                           Result

Serum Bilirubin Total (Jendrassik - Grof)       { 1.77 mg/dl } *
Serum Bilirubin Direct (Jendrassik - Grof)        0.14mg/dl
Serum Bilirubin Indirect                               { 1.63 mg/dl } *
AST/SGOT (Kinetic Henry)                                 19 IU/L
ALT/SGPT (Kinetic Henry)                                    20 IU/L
Serum Alkaline Phosphatase (Kinetic)                   53 IU/L
GGT                                                                   15 IU/L
S. Total Protein (Biuret)                                       {  8.9 g/dL } *
S. Albumin                                                              5.1 g/dL
S. Globulin                                                             { 3.80 g/dL } *
A/G Ratio                                                                 { 1.34 } *    

2.Complete Haemogram (VCS Technolog)

                          Result          Unit
Haemoglobin        15.8             gm/dl
PCV/Haematocrit    50              %
Total Leucocyte Count (TLC)       8              10~9/L
Platelet Count                           319            10~9/L
RBC Count                               { 5.69 } *       10~12/L
MCV                                            87.9         fL
MCH                                         27.7            pg
MCHC                                        31.6           gm/dl
RDW                                          12               %
ESR(Westergren method)            08                 mm/1st hr


Neutrophils                     60          %
Lymphocytes                   31          %
Monocytes                      06           %
Eosinophils                     02           %
Myelocyte                        01         %


RBC:Normocytic normochromic
WBC:No abnormal cells seen.


CAP(dB/m)                                          E(kPa)
Median         189                                  Median  6.6
IQR*             24                                    IQR*      0.8
IQR*/med      13%                                 IQR*/med   12%

4.HBV DNA (Quantitative)

Test                         Result
Method                   Real TIme PCR
Instrument              Cobas TaqMan 48
Sample                    Plasma

Result             :         16000 IU/ml.

5. HBsAg Quantification

Test                            Result
Method                      By Chemilumiscence
HBsAg Quantification      20818 IU/ml

6. Anti HBe

Test                             Result
Method                      By Chemilumiscence
Result                         Reactive
Sample/Cut-off ratio (S/Co)   0.02


Test                             Result
Method                      By Chemilumiscence
HBeAg                       Non -  Reactive
Sample/Cut-off ratio (S/Co)   0.22

8. Anti HCV

Test                             Result
Method                      By Chemilumiscence
Result                      Non -  Reactive
Sample/Cut-off ratio (S/Co)   0.08

9. TSH

Test                             Result
TSH                             1.58 microIU/ml

10. AFP (Alfa Feto Protein) - Serum

Test                             Result
Serum Alfa Feto Protein   2.32ng/ml

11. Kidney Function Test (KFT)

Test                                                Result
Blood Urea (Enzymatic)                    15mg/dl
Serum Cretinine (Rate Jaffe)                 0.75mg/dl
Serum Uric Acid (Enzymatic)                5.8mg/dl
S.Sodium (Na)-ISE                              137.9 mmol/L
S.Potassium (K)-ISE                            4.79 mmol/L
Serum Chloride (ISE)                              98.1 mmol/L

12. PT / PT-INR (Clotting Assay)

Test                                                                    Result

Prothrombin Time                                            10.9 secounds
Mean Normal Prothrombin Time(MNPT)            11.3 secounds
INR                                                                   0.9

Endoscopy  done normal studies..

My Doctor suggested Tab. Entaliv(ENTACAVIR) 0.5mg (by Reddy's lab) .

Please help me..
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Right Choice ...Entecavir 0.5mg, you are having generic brands in India Entaliv 0.5 mg DRL, Entehep 0.5 mg Zydus and Baraclude BMS as well.............you must continue till your HBsAg come to level below 500IU, being your e antigen is already negative so your interferon therapy is suspicious, just continue to take medicine and keep good Virologist with you. There are herbals as well which may enhance your immune system gradually, you should opt that too besides Antiviral therapy.

Avatar m tn
Thanks for the reply,
Can you name some herbals which may enhance your immune system...?

Just got my 2 more results..
1. Serum Calcium    9.9mg/dl    Reference range 8.4 - 10.2
2. Vitamin D3 25-Hydroxy     14.2ng/ml  
Vit D Insufficiency 15-30ng/ml
Vit D Defficiency < 15ng/ml)
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I am also, smilar to your case..i am using Baraclude Entecavir .5mg from past 2 months. do you any pains or symptoms like abdominal pain or ALT flares ?
Avatar m tn

I am also, smilar to your case..i am using Baraclude Entecavir .5mg from past 2 months. do you  have any pains or symptoms like abdominal pain or ALT flares ?
3156104 tn?1357284795
Blue berries, extract Oyester Mushrooms were studied for their activity against viral replication, have you gone through HBV Genotype? if so mention

3156104 tn?1357284795
and YES remember you are having war against HBsAg Levels not HBV DNA level, you may clear HBV DNA within no time but be cautious about Surface antigen level.

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No abdominal pain,,,,
Started entaliv on 01/01/2013...
No side effects till now..
And how to find  ALT flares,,,,???
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I got a new mail from Homoeopathy doctor..

Thanks for your query. Hope that you have gone through our site and aware about the disease. As you know HBV shall attack you in 3 ways. Hepatitis With acute hepatitis, with chronic hepatitis and without hepatitis are three existence of HBV in human being. First verity (Acute Hepatitis with increased serum bilirubin and liver enzymes) is easiest to manage with our medicines and we shall guarantee absolute cure within 3 weeks. Second type with chronic hepatitis is little more difficult to manage but we shall 100% cure with an average time span of 72 day’s treatment. First two types of cases may end fatally due to its virulent nature. But with Homoeopathic medicines one shall save patient without any complication if we start treatment before hepatic coma. Third type of HBV (carrier) doesn’t make any damage to patient even if it persists for years. 2% of cases may develop to Cancer and Cirrhosis but it is not just because of HBV but because of family history of cancer and degenerative disease. If such a carrier is having the said family histories he has to be treated to prevent complications in future. Rest of carriers shall ignore the presence of HBV as it doesn’t’ make any problem to them even in future. But such persons (Not patient!) if want to move to UAE for job HBV will definitely be a hurdle for them. Fortunately you are included in carrier state. If you are not planning to move to UAE you may keep off your hands. We are not able to guarantee a cure in carrier state as we have 685 uncured HBV carriers till date. But we are hopeful still because of our 7000 and odd cured cases. There are cases cured within 3 days and cured only after 2.6 years. As an average we calculated the duration of treatment as 45 days. That doesn’t mean the cure will be established within 45 days.

We are not entrusting patients to do all costly tests. In carrier state we are avoiding all liver function tests as it will be within normal limits always and absolutely useless to assess the improvement in carrier state. Viral Load and DNA PCR & Core Antigen we do entertain if patient shall afford it. As the said tests are costly, we generally do not suggest these tests. We are taking Blood Elisa for HBsAg (Quantitative) as our unique parameter to ***** improvement.

So before starting treatment you have to do an ELISA for HbSg (Quantitative). This test you shall perform everywhere in India and abroad. After analyzing your case we will prescribe medicines for 45 days. After 45 days you have to recheck your blood ELISA for HBsAg (Quantitative). If it is negative there is no need of further medication. If it is coming down we will repeat the same medicines. If it is stand still or rose we will change medicines. This process will continue until you get out of the disease. There is no diet restriction during out treatment as it is not a disease at all!. But you must get a sound sleep for at least 7 hours per day. If you are under any treatment for any other disease please inform us. You may continue it or we shall try to consider it too if possible. You will be instructed to avoid steroids and antihistamins as these 2 types of drugs will interfere with the action of our medicines. If you had interferon injections for HBV please don’t start our treatment.

We have winded up our research on HBV and published the findings. We are not in a position to give you an appointment soon as cases are waiting. But we have arranged 2 peripheral clinics one at Calicut/Kozhikode (North Kerala) and another at Trivandum (South Kerala) for early consultation. You may utilize these facility for a speedy consultation under supervision of Dr.S.G.Biju. We once again assure you that hepatitis – B carrier doesn’t make any health problem to you. So, our humble request for you is not to start treatment if you are not planning to continue it till you became HBV negative. We assure you that nothing will happened you if at all you are not undergo for any treatment including Homoeopathy. So decide whether it is to be treated or not. Then send us a Mail. We will respond.

Dr.S.G.Biju BHMS MD (Hom)

Chief medical officer,

The Homoeopathic Multi Speciality Hospital, Changanacherry -1


E Mail: ***@****, ***@****

Site: www.drbijuonline.com

Ph: +91 481 2412233
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HBV Genotype..

No I did not had HBV Genotype test...

I did only those test which my doctor has asked me to get it done,,,

is this HBV Genotype test result  helpful....???
3156104 tn?1357284795
Well Genotype is significant when one can decide to go for interferon therapy,as off now you are on right oral anti-viral therapy, keep yourself on entecavir, add some herbals which i mentioned already if possible and go for exercise as well, you should check your DNA and Surface antigen level after 6 months there after we can proceed accordingly
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Anybody taking indian ayurvedic medicines to get rid of the Hep B Virus ?
Avatar m tn
have anyone heard of kamilari?...some says they (nupal remedies) are good in treating hep b..
Avatar m tn
we already have drugs for hbv, we dont need to waste time and money
Avatar m tn
hbsag positive any temeinet
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