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New Hep B Infection

6 Month after Possible Hiv/HepB Exposure.

Got Preliminary Hep B Ab Positive
                        Hep C Ab/Ag Negative

I Have Made an Appointment to See a Dr Today.
At 6 Months My LFT's Show
Normal Bilirubin 10umol/L (Normal 3-17)
Normal ALT 23iu/L (Normal 8-37iu/L)
Normal ALP 69 iu/L (Normal 44-147)

High Total Protein 85g/L (Normal 60-80)
High Albumin Level 51g/L (Normal 35-50)

ESR Has Decreased From 6 to 4 (From 2 @6 Months ago)

C-Reactive Protein - <3mg/L

(I Cannot Remember a HepB Vaccination and I Was Negative Hep B Last Year)
1) Can I conclude Anything From This?

i.e I Have a Good Chance of Clearing HepB Naturally.

Adult 30 yrs Old. Otherwise Good Health.

2) Would Hep-B Coinfection Affect a HIV Screen at 6 Months? (I Read Hep C May do).
(I Have Normal Wbc 7.80 + Lymph 2.59 at 6 Months) Normal CBC

3) What else can I do? Stopped Alcohol/Taking Vit B/C/Milk Thistle for Next Month
Can you Ever Drink After Hep B? i.e. 12 months after Exposure? What Tests are Recommended.
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Avatar m tn
hi  Isaac,

numbers and test results look good.

regarding HBV)

if you did not already have so, i would check the following Hep B panel, to be able to distinguish past, current/acute or chronic infection;

- HepB surface antibody
- HepB surface antigen
- HepB core antibody
- HepB e antigen
- HepB e antibody
- HBV PCR (if you are still unsure)

Depending on the antigen, antibody profile, one can distinguish between acute/active/chronic/past infection. E.g. if all the antigen tests and PCR are negative, then you are 100% HBV negative.

regarding HCV)

the antibody test at 6 months is already quite good (near 100%)

in case there is some particular reason why you think HCV may still be present, then you might consider a HCV PCR test as well, and, sometimes a 1 year antibody test might be done to confirm negativity (this however might not be necessary for you if all you liver tests are so well in the normal range!)

i think you have done a pretty good job so far with you post-exposure management. I would tend to think you will be able to put this thing behind you very soon

best wishes,
Avatar m tn
Thankyou Very Much..And Good Karma!

My Nightmare: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/297966

I am Seeing Dr. Today, I will Ask Regarding Pelim. Hep B Positive Test.

Thanx, Will Ask About:

- HepB surface antibody
- HepB surface antigen
- HepB core antibody
- HepB e antigen
- HepB e antibody

I think I was Lucky so Far, at the Height of Symptoms 2 months ago, I Drank For a Whole Month!!!
I Thought Definately Had Hiv, so Hep B was Last thing on mind! (When I noticed a Few Hepatitis Symptoms) I hope this didn't do Permanant Damage.

Now I intend to Abstain for Several Months Totally.
Worst Symptoms Have Been Fatigue For Last 3 Months/On and Off Lymph gland Pain.
and I still Get Nausea, But It May Be Anxiety Now/ GAD .The Fatigue Was Terrible.

Take Care
Avatar m tn
Even More Confused:

Initial Test was apparently Wrong:

I had previously misreported your result.

Your saliva screen result is infact:

Hepatitis C antigen/antibody NOT DETECTED
Hepatitis B surface ANTIGEN DETECTED

Your hepatitis B result suggests the presence of active infection of Hepatitis B virus.

As a next step you should confirm this result with a blood test.
OKAY................So I get a Blood Test:

Your results have arrived today.
HBsAg negative
Anti-HBc negative
Anti-HBs nil
This means you have never come in contact with Hep B virus. I do not know if you ever been vaccinated against Hep B but you do not have any protective antibodies against Hep B.
I hope this information is useful to you.

Now I REALLY Need a DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
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