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Please Help - Hepatitis B test Results
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Please Help - Hepatitis B test Results

Hi Everyone,

Can you please tell me if I have recovered from Hepatitis B with the following test results. Can you also tell if i can transmit the virus to other persons.

My Recent Test Results on - 21 February 2007 is

Hepatitis B Surface antigen (HbSAg) Australia - 262.48 S/N
(Reference Range - S/N < 2.00 = Negative, S/N >= 2.00 = Reactive,
S = Sample Rate. N = Index Calibrator Mean Rate.)

HBV Quantitative (RealTime PCR) is <0.02 IU/µL (Kit sensitivity is 0.02 IU/uL. 1 IU/mL of HBV equals to the 7 Genomic copies/mL.). Remarks - The graph shows the Standards were detected at ct 24.63, ct 21.83, and ct 11.29 respectively and negative control was not detected where by indicating successful PCR analysis. No amplification observed in sample

SGPT ALT (Kinetic UV) – 49 U/L (reference range Male <45 U/L),
SGOT AST – 29 U/L,
Globulin (Calculation) – 2.7 g/dL (reference range 0.8 – 1.9 g/dL),

My Previous Tests Were

My results of 22nd Nov 06 tests are
Hepatitis B, Surface Ag +(Positive)
178 iu/ml(2.25 log iu/ml), ALT 44

My previous test on 22 Aug 06 results are
(TL)-Loe HbsAB;Hep B carrier, Hep B surface Antibody level <10 IU/L

Thank you so much,

Sidney Allen
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Avatar n tn
HBsAg EIA(TL)-HBsAg Positive - Antigen detected

R HCV IgG EIA, Hep C Ab negative

R HBcIgM EIA, Hep B core AB not detected

R HBeAg EIA, Hep B e antigen negative.

R Anti HBe(total) EIA, (TL)-Hep B e Ab positive.

R Anti HBc(total)EIA, Hep B c Ab positive.

Can anyone please reply for my 2 postings.

Thank you so much,

Sidney Allen
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I don't have answers but please be patient.  

As soon as someone who knows something about your condition logs on, I'm sure they'll respond to your posts.

Personally, I have C, not B.  
Good luck and hang in there.
Avatar n tn
My first post here. I am 23 and a Hepatitis B carrier since birth. Just had a recent check up with a gastroenterologist in Singapore. The doctor advised me to take Baraclude (entecavir) 0.5mg Tablets. The Doctor prescribed 4 months of Baraclude for me. However, due to the high cost of the drug, I took one months prescription first.

I have not start taking the drug yet as I just found out from the web that there are side effects to the liver. I also cannot stop taking the drug as it might worsen the condition.

After looking at the web, I was surprised that doctor didn't warned me about drug and let me buy one month's prescription. I did ask him about side effects but he said it is safe and do not worry. I know that he initially prescribed 4 months for me but he never told me about going back after 4 months to have another blood test. He did not mention that I cannot stop once I start consuming the drug.

I came to realize that doctor did not advise me in detail. All he told me was my condition is pretty severe I should start taking the drug. I don't even know whether I'm classified as CHRONIC Hepatitis B carrier or not chronic. Can anyone here help me interpret my results?

Here are my results:


Bilirubin Total:   Result 18  - reference (0-   26         umol/L)
                   Result 1.0 - reference (0.0 -   1.5     mg/dL)

SGPT/ALT:          Result 50* - reference (3-  40     U/L)

Alpha Fetoprot:    Results 2.2- reference (0.0-   15.0   ug/L)

HBsAg:       Reactive *
HBsAb        Non Reac
HBsAb Count  < 1.0

Result Interpretation HBsAb Count: > 10.0 mIU/ml Reactive (Please not that the result interpretation for HBsAb Count has been changed wef 22 Jan 2007)

HBeAg       Reactive *
HBeAb       Non Reactive


HBV DNA >3.80E7 IU/ml
HBV DNA is done by Roche, Cobas Amlicor
(E: exponetial, i.e. E3=1000, E5=100,000)
Linear range: 60 - 3.80E7 IU/mL
To convert Result IU/mL to copies/mL = result x 5.26

I do not mind taking the drug as long as I know why I take the drug. Can anyone advice me what to do?

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