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Please help on my Hepatitis B test reports
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Please help on my Hepatitis B test reports


Following are my blood reports
Hbsag (serum by CMIA)    positive
Observed value - 5500.22

HBV DNA - Not detected
HBcAb - Total Ab to Hepatitis B core Ag - POSITIVE

I having chronic Hepatitis B since last 2 years
Please suggest what does the Hbsag observed value above indicate
1)Whether it indicates the how much active this virus or it is in the normal range
2)What is the difference between HBV DNA and HBsag quantitive

I am thinking of  starting ayurvedic medication in next few days
this doctor has suggested to take medicine for 1 month and then take the
Hbsag quantitive test to see the effect(hope count will be reduced)
and then continue the medicine until I become Hbsag negative

Please suggest if any body has cleared the chronic virus using ayurvedic  or any other

Thanks & Regards
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Quantitive HBsAG testing is not done in the United States (that I know of) so I'm not sure what that value indicates other than it being positive and meaning the you have HBV.

Your HBV DNA is undetecable and that is GREAT! Your body is doing and excellant job of controlling your infection.

I'm not sure if this herbal mediction (medication) that your doc is wanting you to take will help reduce the HBsAG value or not, but I do know that it will not clear the HBsAG and cause it to become negative. Sorry but there is no cure at this time.

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