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Plz help........My results a bit confusing
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Plz help........My results a bit confusing

last Feb 2012,when I was diagnosed with Hep B chronic.I had following results..
- hbeag ,CMIA    7.20
anti hbe ,cmia  1.64
hbvdna 71 iu/ml
Igm,CMIA         0.03
Anti Hbc total ,CMIA    9.85
sgpt 63 U/l
SGOT 41 U/l .......Now after around 1 year and 9 months.....I retested every thing and found the following results

Hbeag CMIA 1.42
anti Hbe 2.07
hbvdna 63 IU/ml
sgpt 54
sgot 29

I was expecting that being hbeag + , my virus would multiply.. But surprisingly it didnt..How is this result possible? can i expect seroconversion  on its own? I am not taking any medicines. Just lots of cocunut water and very balanced diet with lots of green veggies. No non veg. Neither do i drink or smoke. I have Grade I fatty liver too..

Secondly I french kissed my gf when she had 2 doses of vaccine. With such DNA count, can I infect her? Now she has completed her doses Just few days back. Its been 120+ days since this instance. Can she still have acute hep b with symptoms?

Plz do reply to my querry. Thanx a lot every1
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Your HBeAg+ve and very low hbvdna result is unusual. I certainly cannot offer you any explanation. There are cases when some patients reported both HBeAg+ve and HBeAb+ve at the same time. I don't know whether this is relevant to your case.
Experts think infectivity decreases with viral load, and after 2 doses of vaccine, for some, there are already some protection.

Just my opinion.
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