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Re-post for cherry235 on Core Antibody question.
I am reposting this question received by PM.  Again, I don’t offer feedback by PM because the goal is to build a info base here on the forum.  Also, I won’t have ISP at home until early January ’09.  So I can’t attend to anything address to me right away.


Please HELP:

Hello stevenNYer, hope you're doing well.
I hope you can help me with this question in my mind all night long..

If you test postive for Hep B CORE Antibody & {NEGATIVE FOR HEP B. "SURFACE ANTIGEN" & POSITIVE FOR HEP B. SURFACE ANTIBODIES, Which turned out to be greater than 1000.0 }  and are immuned, can you still transmit the {HEP B CORE ANTIBODIES} to your sexual partner?" Or does this mean immunity, and no transmission of anything?

StevenNYer Feedback:

You labs indicated that you are immuned to HepB by natural clearance of a past infection.  You Do NOT have HepB now.  Hep B Core antibody is an antibody to a specific part of the HepB virus.  You can NOT transmit it to others.  
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