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SGPT and SGOT are droping.. a good Sign ?

hi friends ,im frm india ..im suffering frim hepatitis b since jan 14 of 2012 (a day i first time heard the term "hepatitis" ) .here are details of my reports ..there is a HUGE difference in SGPT n SGOT of last two tests (30-aug-2013 and 29-may-13) .can any one tell me is it a good sign ??

this is my blood report of 7/7/2012

total bilirubin :0.58mg/dl
direct  bilirubin : 0.29mg/dl
Indirect  bilirubin: 0.29mg/dl

SGOT 109.0 IU /L
SGPT :292.0 IU /L
ALK.pjosphatase :105.o IU /L
Total proteins 7.1 gms/ DL
s.Alnumin :3.7gms /dl
s.globulin :3.4 gms /DL
A/G Ratio : 1.1 : 1
prothrombin time :16 secs
HBsAG :postivie


total bilirubin : 0.8mg/dl
direct  bilirubin : 0.4mg/dl
Indirect  bilirubin : 0.4mg/dl

SGOT :233.0 IU /L
SGPT :504.0 IU /L
ALK.phosphatase :74 IU /L
Total proteins : 6 gms / DL
s.Alnumin :3.6gms /dl
s.globulin :3.4 gms /DL
A/G Ratio : 1 : 0
prothrombin time :24 secs
HBsAG :postivie


test: LFT

total bilirubin : 0.47mg/dl(method:jendrassi-grof)

direct  bilirubin : 0.16mg/dl(method:diazonium salt)

Indirect  bilirubin: 0.31 mg/dl(method:calculatd)

SGOT(AST)  : 32 IU /L(method:henry's)

SGPT (ALT) :65.0 IU /L(method:henry's)

ALKaline.phosphatase :60.o IU /L(method:kinetic with AMP buffer)

Gamma Glutamyl transferase :26 U/L(method:szasz)

Total proteins : 7.6 gms/ DL(method:biuret)

Albumin :4.2gms /dl(method:bromcresol purple)

globulin : 3.4 gms /DL(method:caluculatd)

Albumin/Globulin Ratio : 1.2


other tests details

date: 2013-05-08

Molecular Biology (another test ..its cost more than  rs.4000 in india)

Hepatitis b viral load
method :real time PCR
resukt(iu/ml) >10000 0000(8 zeros)
result(copies /ml)>70000 0000(8 zeros)

immunology /serology

hepetitis b envelope antibody(antiBHe) --5.46 --units[S/co]-method:ELISA
hepetitis b envelope antigen(HBeAg)--7.01-units[s/co] -method:ELSIA
hepetitis b surface antigen(HBsAG)-10.28-units[s/co]--method:Elisa

Clinical biochemistry

alpha Feto Protein (AFP)-serum --results 5.2--units IU/ml
method :chemiluminescenece

the doctors also took the

ultrasonography abdomen


Liver :Normal in size and echo pattern.No evidence of any focal lesions,No evidence of IHBD

gall bladder:Distended.No evidence of any calculi.No  evidence of wall thickening . NO evidence of peri

cholecystic fluid collections

CBD: Not dilated(measuring 5mm .arppr.)
portal vein : Normal in calibre( measuring 8mm .arppr)
pancreas : Normal in size echo pattern.pancreatic duct not dilated.No evidence of any peri pancreatic


spleen : noral in size and echo pattern(measuring 11mm .arppr)

kidneys: normal in size .cortical echogenecity normal.Cortico medullary differentiation is maintained.No

evidence of any calculi.No evidence of hydronephrosis.No evidence of  cysts.
             RK:9.6x4.7 cm .LK :9.3x 4.5 cm.

Urinary bladder :distended.No evidence of any calculi.No evidence of wall thickening.
prostate : Normal in size
*IVC & Aorta-normal
*No evidence of  free fluid in the abdomen/pleural effusion.
*No evidence of lymphadenopathy.

IMPRESSION : Essentially normal Study .

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i have not read all your tests in the post but lowering ast-alt is bad if hbsag is not declining.if liver is not damaged it is best to have high alt which makes hbvdna and hbsag lowering if immune system is winning over hbv
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