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Start a petition to FREE to 400MILLION

Guys I know you may be struggling and thinking negative things and feel like you want to commiserate but its doesnt have to be this way there are cures we that are being with held from us. Think if even 1% of us unite and circulate a petition then we can make a change or even show. Think do you want this thing to run your life as it has done to so many already? Or do you want to look back and know you were part of the generation the changed things. LET USE THE INFORMATION AGE TO OUR ADVANTAGE :D

You know I was thinking about the scientist in Germany Proffessor Ulrike Protzer who has eradicated this virus in her tests by immune boosting instead of viral suppression.

When I spoke with her she out right refused to help me nor give me any info accept maybe one day it may be in clinics in about 10 years if at all. (the impression i'm under is big Pharma's interests are being looked after not man kinds)

These people have no conciseness whatsoever and if we sit back and do nothing we'll get more of the same "treatments" we will be enslaved to for the rest of your life. Don't we deserve a cure? It means we need to do things different to get something required. I promise you this it won't be easy but for hummanities sake then isn't it worth trying?

I was thinking if there are 400million of us suffering this disease then why don't we start a petition for the university to volunteer this information for all suffers to make our own informed decision regardless of Pharma regulation. bypass it as its corrupt to the core and totally untrustrable which is evident

I was thinking what would be needed would be to recruit out of 400million suffers following roles
#I.T/social media marketers
#Even anyone in politics who may suffer from this.

The petition would need to force the university to disclose the detailed research to the public by and make  the  treatment available by the end of 2014. Who wants to wait 10years? Surely the right thing needs to happen even if it costs some jobs in the pharma industry

Anyone who wants the professors contact details let me know you are welcome to she is a immunologist.

Also not petition to  say all research in terms of HBV should be submitted to the public with immediate effect.
Any future research is reported to the public every 24hours

Anyone who wants to do this we need numbers. Please think about copy and paste this in other forums and see if we can combine our energy and free the 400 million.
Contact me if your interested lets try to turn the tide
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Avatar m tn
Hey friend good to see you. I am with you. Everything you say  about corrupted medical industry I have experienced. Being denied health insurance coverage because of HBV. The list is long and grim of what really are human rights violations. But health care is a business and a cold hearted one I have learned.

Sure we need to support doctors and researchers that have ways to cure HBV. In theory yes. A healthy immune system can overcome anything.

So yes please share your information.
Avatar m tn
You also bring up.an interesting fact. That many researchers that have HBV cures are being silent about what they know or have discovered.

For these folks it is a moral issue to decide what to do what is right. All this talk about regulations this - that is rubbish. If you have a cure against HBV or treatment that works start a web site people will support you and with money too.

I suggested it openly for Replicor to raise funds this way. But ..,

So there it is and proves a point. They may say they are not like big pharma but sure they play by the same rules.

Maybe this German researcher is same way. Her methods can make lots of money for her and private clinics she may work for. After all Germany because of very good doctors and clinics has a reputation world  which brings revenue to the country in this form also.

So I think first it is best to contact this researcher and ask how much money would work for her per patient to prove that it works what she is offering. If  after a trial all this works. We then can post on the forums a price figure per patient we need to generate.

All this is really simple. But a person that is doing the research must be willing. We cant force anyone in doing something they dont want.
Avatar m tn
As for boosting immune system. Stefan here with Vitamin D3 supplementatiob has helped many of us to get the energy levels back and feel better.

Maybe it will take 100.000 iu vitamin d3 daily and 20 grams of Vitamin C by injection to clear hbv as some claim.

So yea, definitely people are willing to try new things here that work on immune system boosting and normalization. But the problem is to find these qualified folks. These researchers.

So yes I want information.  
Avatar m tn
Hi Guys

Sorry I've not been on  in a few days. I'm just in the process of seeing how the Hep C Crowd are organizing their petition to the President.

I'll update you as to what happens. Also if you know off any other researchers or Pharma's that are not forth coming with cures lets name them to if we can create enough awareness about whats being hid something has to give. I agree we can't force anyone into anything however if we can prcik the conciouness of one of them it might make all the difference. Take for example the Doc that bought forth the cure for ulcers people riddiculed him for a long time before hand. Or look at the tobbacco industry where they were sticking by the arguement smoking is harmless and the the authorities backed them up but over time with peoples persistence the tides turned.

Guys thank you for the suggestions   1000% appreciated :)

Anything else we can do together I'm open to this.

lets hope this time next year non of us will have HBV if we can all pull in the right direction I'm no religious fanatic but I believe God helps those who help them self & a loving God won't just let us suffer for the sake of others financial gain, But we must be the first to initiate it because if we do nothing we'll be sure of one thing we will get nothing back. So lets  do something :)

By the way Merry Christmas
Avatar m tn
Veteran B I am trying to private message you the Proffessors details. Is there a function on this site Ian do that from?

Also thanks for the info re vit C & D
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