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The girl has chronic Hepatitis B, but no hepatitis left in the blood, w...
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The girl has chronic Hepatitis B, but no hepatitis left in the blood, what now?


A girl i really like was born with chronical hepatitis b.
As many of you know these people test themselves with blood test
every year at their doctor, and she has always been very low infectious.

I have talked to her doctor and to her parents and they both tell me not to worry.

The last years her tests has shown that she doesnt have the hepatitis B in her blood anymore,
but that her children still can be born with it.

What I wonder now, what risks am I taking, being with here?
Me myself got vaccinated and tested (had nothing) for hepatitis B at the doctor a year ago,
followed by 2 more vaccinations.

I wear a condom during sex, but it happens that she has given me oral sex without the condom.

What I wonder in this situation what risk I am putting myself in?
I dont wanna have to dump this girl to be safe myself, cause I really like her.

What to do?
Avatar m tn
I may be over sensitive, but some how I dislike your attitude towards someone you profess to like, but only if it is safe for yourself. This forum helps and supports people with Hepatitis B, so I am not sure whether you need help from this forum.

I like to clarify your statement: "born with chronic Hepatitis B". Hepatitis B is not an inherited disease, so she was not born with the disease, but rather she was infected at birth and became chronic.
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