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Treatment fot Hepatitis B
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Treatment fot Hepatitis B

Any method to cure Hepatitis B,please Explain in detail.

In Hepatitis B,how many types,it is danger for health and how please explain in detail...
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"The medications currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the initial treatment of chronic hepatitis B include interferon alfa-2b, peginterferon alfa-2a, and the oral nucleoside/nucleotide analogs lamivudine, adefovir dipivoxil, entecavir, and telbivudine, with tenofovir under FDA review for likely approval in 2008."

More details?  Read all of

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You question is too general.  To learn the basics, visit our HepB Intro Welcome Health Page.

Visit hepb.org

Search HBV at wikipedia.org

Then when you have a basic understanding and have specific questions, we may be able to help.
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Thank you i will go through this first let me know about all the methods once again thanks
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I do agree with stevenNY and Cajim. The virus has no cure and knowing the basic will go a long way in helping you live a normal live.

As much as i do agree there is no proven scientific cure for the virus i do believe  there should be a way to kill the monster . And on that note i embaked on my personal research which is not yet conclusive but very promising.

I started by reading the basics and got in touch with a guy who claims he's been cured. As the saying goes there is no fire without  smooke. So i did some reading on all the medications he used and that of other proven scientific research on vitamines and formulated a cocktail for myself.

I must have been crazy but, for the zeal to finding a lasting solution to the invader in my liver i took the risk.
Two months after taking my delicacy  came the time for my routin blood work which i did and waited for the result which came back a couple of weeks there after.

If any one could remeber my last posting on my viral load, it was 4170 iu/ml. I did not believe what the test results said. It read 48iu/ml.
My liver was in perfect condition, everthing about the live is just great. My doctor had one thing to caution me of. My ALT was a little higher than normal not because of the hep b but fats on the liver.

I am still on my cocktail and execising to cut down weight. Well, it could be just normal that my VL droped or the risk i took is paying off.
I know there are so many who will want to know what the hell i took and i am willing to share that with all of you.
I will come back later to tell you exactly what i did. I have to get back to work.

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Quite fascinating!  People like you deserve much respect and a big thank you because by being willing to experiment with your body you shoulder the risk while all fellow HepB patients reap the benefit whatever the result.  Thank you!

Looking forward to your posting the details.  Please be as detailed as possible so that you can show that your treatment is a cure rather than the 1% luck.

1.  Your ethnicity, gender, age, family history relating to HepB.
2.  When and how you got HepB, initial symptoms, all other treatments you have used prior to your invention.
3.  All lab results before, during, and after your own treatment in chronological order.
4.  The details of your treatment, its ingredients, application, cautions, side effects you experienced if any, etc.
5.  And all other details that you think are relevant to your treatment.
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Thanks very much cajim. I am ready to answer the questions you tabled above.
1. i am an African, 39 yrs of age.
2. Initial symptoms and diagnoses sept.2006. Joit pains, dry eyes, clay coloured stool, pains in the liver area, sweat, brown urine and sometimes itchy skin all over.
3.I have shared my lab results on this forum and a quick check will give you much details. Initial VL SEPT.2006 was 230iu/ml then 1300, 1200,1070, 4170 and now 48iu/ml
4.Never been on medication, just monitoring. Doc. says i am chronic inactive hence the decision not to be on medication.
5. I am being monitored in Germany, hence i have no doubts about the results of my blood work.
6.As an African i strongly believe in herbal treatment so tthat is the line of action i took.

I hope i have answered your questions.

Well i am going to tell you what i did and you must judge if its a 1% chance or as a result of the Tx.

I guess i wouldn't have the strenght and courage to research the herbal medication i used without first knowing the basics of hep b and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
It took two prominent people on this forum to understand what and how hep b is and its effect on the liver.

StevenNY and Zellyf thank you very much for the time and patience.

1. I did a little house cleaning before TX. I started by taking laxative to clean my colon and liver essentials for cleaning the liver.
The colon cleaning took a day but that of the liver a week or so. The herbal medication for liver cleansing is supposed to take a month or so. Jack couldn't wait so i started TX while still taking the liver essentials.
2. Echinaea, Phyllantus niruri, Milk Thistle, Complete Thymus Formula, vit E&C.
Echinaea , Phyllantus niruri and Complete Thymus formular are herbal product effective for boosting the immune system. Milk Thistle another herbal product is effective for mentaining the liver.  Clinical trial have shown vit E&C to reduce VL and i some cases cured patients when taken in mega doses. 1gm to 2.5gm/day.
Phyllantus niruri is effective when taken btw 900gm to 1200gm/day. Since it is a strong herbal product its better taking it with milk thistle.
Echinaea, i too 2 tablets perday.
3. If your Viral load is very high you wouldn't want to take phyllatus niruri. Just wait, continue with your prescribed medication till your vl falls within the range termed as chronic ineffective before starting any thing. You do not have to discontinue your medication whilst embarking on my cocktail.
4. While waiting for your vl to fall you could start with colon cleansing and the Complete Thymus formula.

Since my vl was at the time 4170iu/ml i took-off step 1.

Two tablets of Echinaea(one in the morning & one in the evening).
800gm P. Niruri per day.
Vit. E&C 2gm/day.
With each cocktail went along 200gm milk thistle.

The Complete thymus formula came in after two weeks. This is because i ASSUMED my vl was falling and that CTF could boost my system up against all odds. The instructions for taking CTF is on the lable.

I will advice you to read more on the above herbal products and seek your doctors approval before using any of them.


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In order to better understand your liver, I went through your postings, which included the following:

12/27/07 on liver damage reversal.
01/07/08 on HBV viral load, your viral load decrease, ALT 47.
01/11/08 on general itching.
01/14/08 on some scientific herbalist in the West African State-Ghana
01/25/08 on ALT jumping from 49 to 60, AST from 31 to 35 and virial load from 1070 IU/ml to 4170 IU/ml.
02/15/08 on you being an African, single and a father of one, thirty-nine years old, diagnosed september 2006. Present VL 4170IU/ml, not on treatment, just monitoring, living and working in the EU.
02/21/08 on a doctor's ordeal.
03/16/08 on you saying "There is no cure for this monster."
04/10/08 on you on Milk Thistle, vit.E & C., and Complete Thymus Complex
05/20/08 on your viral loading from 4170 iu/ml to 48iu/ml.

Is it correct that what indicates the efficacy of your treatment is your decrease of viral load from 4170 iu/ml to 48iu/ml, disappearance of your symptoms stated in your postings, and general "feeling good"?

These are very good results.  Do you remember the date on which you started your treatment, the exact dosage you took, when you took the cocktail, etc.?  Do you have a target goal for you to end your treatment by?  After you end your treatment, do you plan to continue to monitor your liver? by what frequency?  What is the monthly cost for this cocktail?  The more detailed and specific your records, the easier it is to replicate your result and to prove or disprove your treatment.

Many thanks for your efforts.
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Good to see you back and doing well.

I shared my thoughts here:

Avatar m tn
Hi Cajim,
Well for for the research on profile and the very interesting questions asked.
I started taking these herbal supplements about four months after dignosis. Well i did NOT start in a particular partern. I first read about the Complete Thymus Formula and Milk Thistle.

Test showed a reduction of VL from 1300iu/ml to 1200iu/ml. I wasn't keeping record of medication but one thing for sure is it lasted one month because the products are calculated to last the long.
I added the vitamines toolater on just after reading a clinical trial on it's effect on hep b.

The Liver Essentials came in after my VL hit the four thousand mark. It was then that i met this guy who introduced me to Phyllantus niruri.
He also mentioned the Complete Thymus Formula which i had used.

Echinaea came into play after read about a lady's dramatic recovery after she has had serious liver damage. She mentioned that Echinaea as being the product that changed everything.

So i decided against all odds to unify all the above herbal products since tehy have some specific effect on the virus and for the fact that they have little or no side effect.

So Cajim this is how i came to making my cocktail. I couldn't keep data and wasn't taking the products on specific times. I doses of vitamins fluctuated  but never below 1.5 gm/ day.

I have no time limit but some researchers have pointed out that after taking herbal products for four months a break of a month or so is recommended.
The cost are not very high as compare to what the docs. prescribe.
P.niruri is about 20 Euros for 90 tablets, vitamines are cheap, Echinaea sells at 14 Euros, CTF i order from the USA  at resonable price.
Let say a months medication cost me not more tha 100Euros.

Like i said before my goal is total eradication of the little monster in the liver.

You could now understand why i did mentioned the risk i took. Life as some put it is a game of chance.

For me, i will say a devoted Christian Faith is what drives my ego. While taking the risk i prayed over my cocktail for God's intervention. I promised Him that if this works i will make it available to all free of charge. I have that faith and i believe it's gonna work. Just believe.

This is not a clinical trial in some well oganised lab with monitors and the rest, so please pardon me for my inability to record my activities.
I guess my African backgorund played a little to that effect. We mostly depend of herbs in Tx without specific the dosage and the efficacy of what we taking.lol

Cajim, i think if you should read extensivelly on all the herbal product i mentioned you might come up with a better way of administring them.

All product can be found on the net. Echinaea is the only product i buy from the pharmacy.
Have a great day.

NB: I was told the tea form Phyllantus niruri is much better than the capsuls. I opted for the capsuls because i didn't ind the tea on any European website.

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Hi Steve,
I hope you doing just fine. You doing a great service to all on this forum. Big up, bro.
What do you think will happen with such a dramatic change in my VL?
An extensive check was done on the liver with no negetive result except a build up of fat. Sports was recommended and i am working out and cutting down on portion.
I know VL fluctuates and i am hoping it's going to further drop to UND.

With  your  experience and vast knowledge on hep b what do you think or suggest i  do?

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Thank you very much for taking the time to describe the details of what you have done.

I understand Steve's caution that HepB is not an easy monster to get rid of and that new patients in our fear will try anything to be cured.

Being a Chinese, I have used herbal medicine and can understand what you say about the fuzziness in accuracy when compared with Western medication.

I think the best proof for the efficacy of your invention will be your viral load becoming UND and your body staying symptom-free after you have completed and ended your treatment for an adequate period of time.

All of us fellow HepB patients solute you with gratitude because you risk your money, your time for other treatment, and possible adverse effects to your body while we benefit either way:  if your treatment works, we will use it; if not, we know to avoid it.

Danke sehr!
Avatar m tn

My objective is  becoming UND.

I have read Steven's caution and i think he is right about everything.

Herbal products CAN be dangerous to your liver. They are mostly not FDA approved and taking them is at your own RISK.


Hep b has no cure. Researcher are working round the clock for a possible cure. Seek your doctors advice on any medication with regards to your LIVER.  

Taking risk is part of me not only in this area of herbal trial but life in general. In some cases i made progress and some times total failure. Once i embark on a mission i am always determined to see it through.

I have alread started taking this risk and i am gonna hold on to it for a while and continue seeking advice from those who have walked this parth.

I will share any outcome with you  guys on this forum, i have had so much support from you.  

Sometime you ignore the norms and make something out of nothing.

Thanks for your support and may the Good Lord bless you all.

Es gibts immer ein weg!

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In this case your taking risk benefits all fellow HepB patients like us for reason stated earlier.  We thank you very much and urge you to be as careful as possible.

I think to make your risk-taking worthwhile it is crucial to be as detailed in your record keeping as possible and to have regular lab testing of the important items even after you have completed the treatment.  Would you agree?

Ya, "FDA approved" has a lot of weight because it specifies exactness, but our body is such a sophisticated machine that sometimes the only cure may be missed if medicine  continuously partitions our body into a million unrelated parts and cure by kill.  In Chinese, there is a saying,"you have a headache, your foot is treated."  It sounds ridiculous but sometimes that is what works.  Maybe the only cure for our liver is the treatment of our overall immune strength.

I am sorry: the only German I learned by checking the dictionary is "Danke sehr" because I feel so to you.  What does "Es gibts immer ein weg! Tschuss!!!!!! " mean please?
Avatar m tn
It means 'there is always a way' and Tschuss is a common way of saying 'bye-bye'.
Thanks very much for the advice. I will be careful and continue my regular lab test.
I wish you well and pay someday we will put this behind us.
Take care.
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Hey Fellas,

Interesting thread.  Have you all checked out the thread on the herbal/vitamin supplement regimen recommended by Hepatitis Researcher?  I definitely recommend it.
Avatar m tn
"the thread on the herbal/vitamin supplement regimen"

Where is the thread?  Thank you for giving the link.
Avatar f tn
Bumped it to the top for you!
Avatar m tn
Got it.  Many thanks.
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interesting story on your self-experimentation on HBV. but i was just curious to know now since you have tried the treatment back in 2008 have you totally eradicated the hepatitis b virus. have you already seroconverted to anti-HBs positive totally immune to the virus? just for follow up.
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visit  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-B/herbal-medicines/show/550374 for my experience with herbal medicines for hbv
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