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What is best to do with very little HbsAg?
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What is best to do with very little HbsAg?

Hi everybody,
My brother's-24 years old,chronic- results are as follows:

HbsAg : 110 iu/ml
HBVDNA: 44 copies/ml
ALT/AST : Normal
Anti-Hbe: Positive
Vit d3: 50 ng/ml

I think -thankfully- his immune System has control on virus.What are your recommendations to completely remove HBV from the system? Is interferon therapy worth trying for him? Normally his immune system is expected to clear the virus completely in a few years, isn't it?
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well dont know
i am trying

HBsag 18 IU/ml
peg inf 12 inj taken

Lets what happens with me ?
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Make vitd25oh 90-100ng/ml by increasing d3dose

Consider pegintf
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I was diagnosed of Hepatitis B (+); HBeAg (-); Anti HBe (+) last Sept 2013. The Doctor prescribed LEGALON but I didn’t take it because it’s costly, instead I just used another brand of Milk Thistle.
My Daily Routine:
AM:  1 capsule of Milk Thistle; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C. ; 1 cap (400 IU) of Vit. E
LUNCH: 1 Tab of Multivitamins ; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C
PM: 1 capsule of Milk Thistle; 2 tabs (500mgs)  of Vit.C. ; 1 cap (400 IU) of Vit. E

Below are my results.
SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 (My initial results before taking supplements)
HBsAg                                               3.477  (REACTIVE)
HBeAg (CMIA)                                    0.34    (NONREACTIVE)
Anti HBe (CMIA)                                 0.01    (REACTIVE)
SGPT/ALT (KINETIC)                        11.66  U/L
PCR HBV ViraL Load                         1,151 IU/mL     6,699 copies/ml

DECEMBER 9, 2013 (Results after taking supplements)
HBsAg      (Microwell EIA)                   2.523  (REACTIVE)
Anti Hbs   (Microwell EIA)                    0.045
HBeAg      (Microwell EIA)                   0.047   (NONREACTIVE)
HBV-DNA (PCR) Quantitative:        49   * HBV DNA NOT DETECTED        IU/mL
Alk. Phosphatase                      
Total Bilirubin                          
*Tumor Markers :  AFP (ECLIA)        
                       INR                       0.88
                      % of activity        142.5%

Liver is Normal in size measuring 12.5 cm at the right midclavicular line.
Liver parenchyma is slightly increased with focal areas of sparing.
NO discrete parenchymal mass is seen.
Intrahepatic and common bile ducts are NOT dilated. CBD measures 0.3 cm
NO evident fluid collection is noted in the Morison pouch, anterior and posterior perihepatic spaces.
Impression: Consider Fatty Liver changes w/focal areas of sparing.

• Right now, I add malunggay capsules in my daily routine 1 cap AM/PM. I hope it will help more. So far I’m happy for the results ( Thank you LORD!) but I want to know about my Liver Ultrasound Impression, and anymore advise for my daily routine (treatment)?Pls Help. Thanks 
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