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does hbv cause joints, body and bone aches?
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does hbv cause joints, body and bone aches?

pls somebody help! kindly be patient and read my story.

In January 2010  i had an x-ray which showed a right lung pleural effusion. my blood test showed that my blood vessels were inflamed. the pathologist carried out all sorts of differential test to check for tuberculosis, infact let me try and type/copy what i have here:

pleural biopsis: right pleural effusion-TB?
the microscopic n histology says theres multiple white and tan coloured frgments the largest measuring 1 x1x <1mm.biopsiy consist of skeletal muscle together with a fragment showing necrotising granulomas assiciated with giant cells
*special staining for mycobacterial infection is negative however, THE FEATURES ARE HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE OF mycobacterial infection
diagnosis: necrotising granulomatous inflammation-suggestive of mycobacterial infection
Now through my intercoastals ribs they took out pus from my lungs to test, here are results:

specime,: pleural fluid AFB
microscopy:no acid-fast bacilin seen
miscoscopic report:the cytospin preparation comprise reactive mesothelial cells, lymphocytes and histiocytes.no malignant cells are seen.
Also gram stains performed on pleural fluid in centrifuged deposit.
microscopy:gram stain- no pus cells &no organisms
culture: no growth after 48 hours.

now sputum:
AFB smear - no acid-bacili seen
AFB culture - mycobacterium tubercolusis.

So this were the outcomes, after which i was treated with all the 3 combined antibiotics but 2months during the 6 month treatment i always had shortness of breath, dizzyness, burning sensation, aches and pains and palpitation as if i was not on treatment. And each time i rushed to the clinic they told me to eat more but the truth was i was eating heavily but i stll had severe syptoms (symptoms) during treatment. after treatment i started having joint aches pain and feel sick every now and then, in march 2012 i was diagnosed of HBV surface antigen with low infectivity. now i will see a gastroentologist in june but my symptoms are worse and i'm losing weight fast despite high food multivite consumption and a lot of rest. mainly joint pain in shoulders, chest and cervical vertebrate.i had both CT scan and x-ray of my lungs and internal organs all came out normal including liver. but recent blood test showed low 3.9. below range (4.00 -11.0) with only lymphocytes and neuthrophil left but very low but other white blood cells are 0.0

please what can possibly be wrong with me? could hbv surface be the cause of all these aches pains leg weakness, weight loss etc? OR WAS THE TB NOT A 100% DIAGNOSIS?

Many thanks in advance. (you can ask questions please)

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Hi all I can do is answer the first question.  I believe that HBV can cause aches and pains

I had same with Hep C
If I were you I would post this under the expert forum so a doctor could read the report
Good luck
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your question is useless if you dont post your status:
hbsag quant in iu/ml
liver damage by fibroscan
vitamin d levels, which are 99% deficent on hbvers without suppleements
bone mineral density
hbvdna, this last one is less important

cronic (chronic) hbv itself has nothing to do with pains, only interferon production or interferon therapy has these problems but cronic (chronic) carriers produce no interferon against hbv so this is not the case
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my first suggestion is, since these are stupid tests ready same day or about:

fibroscan and ultrasound, liver damage canbe seen by fibroscan only, bloos tests and US useless for this

vitamin d25oh test, must be 50-100ng/ml, if not 5000 to 10.000iu daily and monthly tests of vit d and calcium until normal

then go ahead with other doctors because hbv itself makes no symptoms while bone damage due to low vit d which is present on all hbvers or cirrhosis can make a similar symptoms
acute hbv makes symptoms like these when increasing intf and ctokines to clear hbsag but if hbsag is high there is no such clearance
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