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hbsag lipid composition and compounds to deplete those lipids
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hbsag lipid composition and compounds to deplete those lipids

there was no need of scientists or research to know that:
we have inverse correlation of hdl and hbvdna, totchol and ldl and hbvdna and so on....
vitamin d serum level is active on hbvdna (vitamin d is made by cholesterol in skin/blood, this is why it has an impact on sugars, lipids and so hbsag)

since hbsag compositon is:
Phosphatidylcholine  (-60%),
cholesteryl ester (-14%),  
cholesterol (-15%),  
triglycerides (-3%)

any compound that can deplete the above lipids can weaken hbv virus very much, the main targets are:
cholesterol by simvastatin, vitamin d increase
cholesteryl ester by increasing hdl
triglycerides by omega3 fish oil, but this is only 3% so this is the less important

this is confirmed by 2 articles i found today...no big scientist to do this.on the contrary i believe many researchers know how to deplete hbsag lipids but dont speak up!

Structure  of  Hepatitis B Surface  Antige
study from 1982

Oxidative Tyrosylation of HDL Enhances the Depletion of Cellular Cholesteryl Esters

i think we should all concentrate our community efforts looking for compounds, not toxic, that have the ability to deplete cholesteryl ester, cholesterol
as to Phosphatidylcholine i dont know if this is possible becaue it is the main constituent of all cellular membranes
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