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hepa b

Pwede po paki interpret ang hepa profile test na to:

Hepa B Surface Antigen - Reactive - 1998.66 count - cut-off 1.0
Anti HBS - Non Reactive - 0.22 count - cut-off 10.0
Anti HBC - Reactive - 13.22 count - cut-off 1.0
HBE Antigen - Non Reactive - 0.674 count - cut-off 1.0
Anti HBE - reactive - 0.01 count - cut-off 1.0
Anti HAV (IgG) - Non reactive - 0.33 count - cut-off 1.000

The doctor advise to take a medicine Baraclude pero me kamahalan po meron po bang gamot na pwedeng i-take na pereho nyan na mas mababang presyo?

Salamat po in advance sa reply at tulong nyo. God bless you.
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(Most likely) you are a chronic carrier with a precore-mutant strain

Dont take antivirals just because the doctor said so :) some doctors here in our country have a "jurassic" knowledge regarding the disease.

Pls get the ff tests

2. liver ultrasound
3. fibroscan (only medical city has it)
4. HBVDNA count
5. HBSAG2 QUANT- hi precision labs has this

the tests above will determine if you NEED antivirals like baraclude.

And mahal talaga ang baraclude...

Lamivudine medyo mura pero in a few year's time MAY create mutants na ikamamatay mo lalo :)

Clevudine is also medyo mura but the side effects are... fatal...
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Whats the diff bet hbv DNA and the hbsag2 quant?
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