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hepa profile

my friends hepa profile follows can you help me and my friend to interpret her hepa profile,thanks in advance..:
                                PT'S COUNT                               CUT OFF                     REMARKS
HBSAG                           0.71                                         1.00                        NON REACTIVE
ANTI HBS                        2.00                                        10.00                       NON REACTIVE
ANTI HBC                        2.330                                       1.000                      NON REACTIVE
HBEAG                           0.12                                         1.00                        NON REACTIVE
ANTI HBE                       1.440                                         1.000                      NON REACTIVE
ANTI HAViGM                 0.782                                         1.000                      NON REACTIVE

INTERPRETATION: For Anti-hbc IgG and Anti-Hbe count below the cut off value is considered REACTIVE.

wat does it mean please interpret it further so i can help my friend and for us not 2 be confused,HELP us PLEASE...
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Avatar m tn

unfortunately philippines keep using these old tests on cronic (chronic) hbv carriers and these tests are mostly useless

check if in your country or close countries you get:
hbsag quantification with diluition for hbsag by abbott architect in iu/ml units
hbvdna pcr

you have cronic (chronic) hbv and only the tests i posted are uselful to monitor cronic (chronic) hbv

alt/ast, liver function and ultrasound and necessary too but these say nothing without the main tests posted above and as you can easily notice in the philippines they keep doing useless tests and even worse often use drugs that worsen hbv
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