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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Hepatitis B. Topics in this forum include but are not limited to, Causes, Diagnosis, Family and Relationships, Living With Hepatitis B, Research Updates, Treatment, Success Stories, Support, Symptoms.

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latest result

*how was my latest result ?
*can I eat green paper, ground fresh chili, garlic, fish, chicken meat fried food and from medicine which is disadvantage for me?
*Is it possible for new treatment to come in future years?
*I don't no about processed food? please explain in detail.
*Now I should wait for new treatment, there is no need of treatment for me now .
*one question more I am pregnant now it is my first pregnancy and it is my first month,
*Is HBSag effected to my baby health or not?
*But one doctor told me that if  HBe anti body is reactive so 80% chance to keep your baby healthy I mean baby HBsag will negative, then within 24 hours before born,  a baby should vaccine of immune glublen, I think  that the spelling of vaccine is not right please forgive me .
*should I start folic aced now or not?
okay with best regard
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Hi while I do not have all answers one important thing  you should be taking, with doctor approval is prenatal vitamins.  They contain folic acid which is important for your baby.
I would think you can eat pretty much what your body will allow.
In my family we do not eat much red meat.  Chick and fish are the best to eat along with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water.
Process foods contain a lot of salt and I would say should be avoided.  Many pregnant women have problems with fluid retention so you may want to limit your salt.
Do you have a Hepatologist? A doctor who specializes in the liver is important.  Because you are pregnant I would follow the advice of the OBGYN.
I had two children and neither one of them caught the Hepatitis from me.  I would ask  your doctor about a vaccine for your baby.
Take care, good luck.
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