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pls read d result of my lab test
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pls read d result of my lab test

good evening guys! Glad to find this reliable forum. I used to be a health practitioner but then i gave up after knowing that hepB + would be the hindrance of my nursing career.
i was diagnosed of hepa B in 2005 then i didnt take any medication until 2007 and my doctor advised me to take 3TC. I took blood test, such as HBsAg reactive in 2005
Anti HBc Ig M (EIA) non reactive 0.34 in 2007
HBV DNA quantitative result is
positive 1.76 x 10(4) IU/ml
Then the log 10 is 4.25
Another 1 is the result from 1 copy/ml is
=9.26 x 10(4) copy/ml
=4.97 log 10
the dna was tested in 2007
Then in 2008 Hbe Ag reactice 198.06
Anti HBe non reactive 12,618
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Avatar m tn
i m very sorry you met the wrong doctor, lam is not used since many years because of virus mutations making other drugs ineffective, only tenofovir or interferon are left

please make a polimerase resistant test to see all the hbv mutations you have and add tenofovir to lamivudine, discontinue lamivudine in 2-4 months

hbvdna is the only test you have to make taking nucs antivirals, they are not effective clearing virus so checking for anigens is useless, if you combo with interferon or nitazoxanide which are immune modulators you have more chances of clearance, in that case you have to look for abbott architect hbsag quantification

the tests you have done on hbsag and hbeag are qualitative and useless on cronic (chronic) carriers, the number is not the quantity of hbsag

check our forum to learn more and find a good liver expert for hbv management

the only drugs approved for hbv are interferon, tenofovir and entecavir (if no exposure to lam) by int'l guidelines
Avatar f tn
thanks for the prompt response. Well, looking for a right doctor is pretty tough here in Indonesia.
I abrubtly  stopped 3TC after knowing of pregnancy in 2009.
is my hbv dna too high or replicating?
I read that some of hepa b here dont take medicine but they r trying to increase their immune resistance. In my case, do i need to take medicationor not
Avatar m tn
oh my, indonesia i have no idea but we have a poster from vietnam that found a very expert liver specialist there much better than evearge liver spacialist in US and tests which are not available yet in US, check his post


as to lam did you get hbvdna by 4-12 weeks?that's the point with les probability of mutants

yes it is but the point is not only hbv replication but also liver damage

but they r trying to increase their immune resistance
this approch is useless unless you lower the virus, immune system is driven by the virus in cronic (chronic) hbv not your body.the key to resolve immune suppression by virus is lowering hbsag, this way hbv is eradicated

In my case, do i need to take medicationor not
according int'l guideline yes you need mediaction but it is very important to know if your liver is healthy or damaged because you can have hbvdna 5-6logs and no liver damage

do you know your genotype if asian?becsue they carry a higher liver cancer risk with hbvdna detactable

the choices of drugs, since you were exposed to lam, is tenofovir and interferon only, mono or combo, you might also try tenofovir+nitazoxanide combo as a off label therapy to lower hbsag.a liver specialist is absolutlely needed to manage this therapy, not for the drugs because sides are almost non esistant, but to assest therapy and see if you are clearing hbv

to know more about hbv, drugs, tests look here

Avatar m tn
oh i did forgot to methion tenofovir and nitazoxanide have no sides or very few when they do but interferon can have very heavy sides.that's why i menthioned ntz both for no sides, lower cost and because that's an immune modulator similar to interferon

tenofovir monotherapy will stop liver damage by lowering hbv replication to undetactable but it can't clear infection at all on your hbeag neg case so the best is a combo with ntz or interf
Avatar m tn
i had taken hepatitis b antidote in 12 years ago,,,but since 2007 i have physical relationship(non-protected sex) with my partner,,he has hepa b(chronic),,,is there any chance of infections????
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