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plz explain it
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plz explain it

hbvdna can be und without therapy so it may not be und by chanca piedra tea but since this herb has mild antiviral effect it will keep hbvdna und once reached

billrubin is a sign of liver failure if abnormal or other liver diseases, what is the damage of your liver?biopsy or fibroscan result?

chanca piedra is not toxic but the quality of the herb depends on supplier too, check all liver and kidneys blood tests to know if the herb is toxic ................

Dear Stefon.

from your above reply her DNA is negative her Hbeag is negative then what you think billurbin increase mean her lever damage while doctor said that inceased in the billrubin is not any proublme we did  the below test to cheek the cumour.
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP)
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) 2.14 Iu/mL 0.5 - 5.5 CLIA.

this result shows that no cumour is there. but as you said that billrubin reslt which is 2.96 mean lever damage plz explained it and let me know what more test we do for her plz answer as soon as possible.

thanks for u kind support and help
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hbvdna can be und without therapy so it may not be und by chanca piedra tea but since this herb has mild antiviral effect it will keep hbvdna und once reached

by 48weeks human trial chanca piedra has shown to lower 3log hbvdna which is almost nothing since therapy is required when hbvdna is higher than 3 logs.at this low potency it is very difficult to know if it was normal flactuating hbvdna or chanca pedra but at least this herb should be able to keep hbvdna und once it has been reached.

as an example of different phases is in my and my sister, we are lifetime 3-6months monitored since about 15yo free of charge by our healthcare system so you see all the pahses in us
i had alt at 1500 for almost 6 months when i was 19yo and inactive carrier hbe neg/hbeabneg from many years, after all this time i made hbeab antibodies and hbeag became negative, in 2 weeks hbvdna was und and alt lower than 30, this situation happens to anybody changing hbv phases.
my sister had the same thing bewteen 18-20yo but alt only 300, this happens to anybody during the phases of cronic (chronic) hbv

the cumour.
do you mean tumor?liver cancer has nothing to do with liver function and liver damage, it develops in a normal healthy liver and grows superfast in the liver without any signs, it can only be detected by ultrasound but there is very little to do when it develops only rezection when very very small or transplant, in only 6 months it grows to nothing left to do but the person feels perfectly.
when you start to feel bad for liver cancer you are dead in a very very short time

Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) is not a liver cancer marker anymore and just a general not specific sign of active liver damage by hbv now, only 40% of people with liver cancer has increaes of afp while active hbv can make increase of afp too
the liver cancer markers are:
golgi protein with the highest sensibility, bcp/precore mutations, ultrasound, countries with deficent healthcare systems will take decades to use these while the advanced ones are already using them in spcialized centers for liver disease

bilirubin is normal even in cirrhosis, if it is abnormal with no active hbv the liver condition is poor or there are other diseases in the area of the liver where bilirubin is generated.
liver damage can only be seen by biopsy or fibroscan, when you detect poor liver function in the blood tests it is too late since most of the damage has been done already
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Dear Stefeno,

thanks for you kind supoprt bro,

now am in deep tension i did Al trasound before four month and everything is ok like lever and gallbalder is ok then what you suggest what i will do more to see my lever. for the biopsy my doctor said that as your BDNA is low and and your Hbeag is nagative Alt and Ast is normal so no need to do. now what you suggest that every if i have low HbDNA with normal altrasound and normal Alt And Ast my lever will damage and i will got the lever cancer. even my last ten year am eating healty food like no cholestrol and for the Alchohal i did't take it in my hole life bcz we are muslim. so plz am very confuse what i will do. am going again to the lab to do the Lever sonography(Altrasound). but plz explain me can l live with this Dieses or it will kill me even if am taking care for this.
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