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plz some one help me
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plz some one help me

I hope u are will, i has Hepititest B carrier from last six year before three year my HBDNA was negative at now it is 15000/pcopies, its same from last year,
i am pure vegatarain from last three year i didn't use any meat or chicken or fish or egg and trying also for less cholestrol. everything is ok but people are saying that sooon i will get lever cancer so am very worried about that plz help me out, my age  is 24. Currantly am using chanca piedra tea is there any side effect of this tea? should i carry on this tea or stop? following are my LFT TEST.

PROTEIN TOTAL             7.73
ALBUMIN                      3.84
GLOBULIN                     3.89
BILIRUBIN TOTAL           2.13
BILIRUBIN DIRECT          0.26
Aspartate                        28
Alkaline Phosphatase      115
Alanlne Aminotransferase 24
Gamma Qiutamyl
Transfarasa (GOT)            18

see also this test              0.13  non reactive
Hepatitis B e Antigen

Hepatitis B e Total           0.04         reactive


your's early respon will be higly apreciated.

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Avatar m tn
Do you know if the HBV DNA load is in copies/ml or in I/U ML? There is a big difference. For example 15,000 copies/ml=3,000 IU/ml,. You need to find that out.

One good thing is your ALT and AST are in a really good range. Below 30 is really good. I dont know anything about the tea, but you should keep researching that and asking others.

What you really need to do is get an ultrasound, and a Fibroscan. Or a biopsy of your liver. See numbers will change. The virus will try to increase, and the immune system will try to bring it down. What you need to know is how healthy your liver is. And this needs imaging (ultrasound, fibroscan, biopsy).

You need to keep monitoring this numbers, like every 3 months to see what the trend is.

Also "you will not soon get liver cancer", everyone who has the disease is unfortunately at risk for it. You are kind of young but it can happen in anyone. You need to educate yourself and really understand your disease and how to manage it.

Make lots of dua, and inshallah everything will be fine.
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