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reactive HBsAg for more than 12 years
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reactive HBsAg for more than 12 years

I am a female 24 years old and I have been living with HBsAg reactive for the last 12 years. Can I get married and have baby now? Is there treatment for that disorder. More Info:
In 1996, under mild fever was advised to take HBsAg test which was found positive.
In 1997 HB profile test was done, which revealed the following:
                 In 1998 HBsAg was found positive but DNA test was negative.
In 1999 again HBsAg was found positive.
In Oct 2003, contracted Hep A, with HBsAg positive , HBeAg non-reactive. Also Anti-HAV IgM reactive.      SGPT-18IU/L.
In August 2008, HBsAg was found reactive (9.71).
Please advise.
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From the data given, you could be an inactive HBV carrier, which is the most benign status for HBV carriers.

If correct, you will live with a healthy liver just like non HBV carriers and certainly you can have babies.

But, because you do still carry HBV, you need to be monitored by your doctor and you need to protect your babies against HBV when they are born with vaccination.


Thanks for your advice.What is the thing to be monitored and at what frequencies these tests are to be done and what is the bench marking?
>>>What is the thing to be monitored and at what frequencies these tests are to be done and what is the bench marking?

ALT, AST, and your general feeling; frequency could be 3 or 6 months; if your ALT and AST are elevated you want to know why so more tests may be needed.
Hello!I've bee reading this forum for a while trying to look for answers on some of my questions. I'm a nurse and found out infected of hepa B last 2002 during our college screening test. I went to an infectious disease specialist and here were my results:

HBsAg - positive
Anti-HBc IgM - positive
HBe Antigen - positive
Anti-HBc - positive
SGPT - 328

My doctor said that it might be an acute infection that might get resolved on its own without treatment. He prescribed me with Essentiale for a month. I went back 2 years after for check-up and a few times after, here are the results:

HBsAg - positive
Anti-HBs - negative
SGPT 34.38

HBsAG - reactive
Anti-HBs - nonreactive
HBeAg - negative (0.190)
SGPT - 17

HBsAg - positive (1225)
Anti-HBs - negative (2.00)
HBeAg - negative (0.088)
SGPT - 16

He diagnosed me as chronic carrier not highly infectious with no obvious signs of liver damage and cleared me to be physically fit. I'm worried because my medical got pending. I do hope my doctor's clearance is enough for my employer to qualify me for a job abroad. Please help me. I asked my doctor if i can have the HBV DNA test but he told me i might have it in the US coz he's confident that my hep B status will not a big problem. However, it still worries me until now. Please do help me.Thank you!
Hi I am 32 years old bin meried for 12 years And have 3 helthy kids there are tretmants for you but no cure and your babyes shuld get shots after birth an they going to be fine
hi i m 27 years old and diagnose with HBV carrier last 2006

HBsAg reactive
HBeAg- non reactive


HBeAg-non reactive

I m worried of my SGPT, the normal range for SGPT is 32 for the female and 42 for the male right? please give me some advice and what should i do to lower my SGPT when i had my HBV
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